Portal Appeal - Merritt Park - 4 Picnic Tables Together

  • Category: Rejected Submission
  • Title of the Portal: Merritt Park - 4 Picnic Tables Together
  • Location: 39.251706,-76.504505
  • City: Dundalk, MD 21222
  • Country: USA
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

My reasoning behind the picnic tables, are they are located at parks and promote community gathering. You have to walk to them to use them. They are used by families for birthday parties and other family gatherings. They should be portals because they are located at parks for a reason to be used by the community....



  • Yes. Its consider an outdoor gathering area at a park. Parks are allowed common things per guide all around the world.

  • Why does your support photo show something completely different from your nomination? You realise that the support photo is supposed to show the nominated POI at different angles and/or distances to help reviewers determine whether or not the POI is actually there, right?

    You seem to be spending a lot of time on this pointless quest to get rubbish portals pushed through. It isn't going to happen. The new guidelines will not include all the junk you want added. In fact, the new guidelines will add more restrictions due to the PoGo lawsuit settlement (thanks PoGo players).

    Your time would probably be better spent playing the game. Or doing OPR. No, wait. Scratch that. Never do OPR. I'm guessing you'd 5 star a piece of dog shiate, in the middle of a roundabout with a pic taken at night from a car.

  • On here I can add a support picture of anything to compare. In the submission it had correct support photos.

    Outdoor seating areas are allowed. Hence why gazebos and pavilions are allowed. It's not just a picnic table if they are intended for players to use at a park.

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    Oh well if there is a sign saying these benches are intended for use by players then add a pic of that to your support photos... and one of the benches full of the players. Resubmit with those photos and it might go through.

  • Neither is giving totally unremarkable benches passes in OPR. You are the one saying that these benches are special because they are intended for players. Prove it.

  • Parks are intended to have portals.... a pavilion has picnic tables. No difference for a sheltered picnic table versus 4 under a tree in shade....

  • Show me where it says niantic doesn't want people at parks using portals? Or that things at parks must be unique...

  • That's not what you said. You said said it was designated for players. Was that a lie?

    If there is no difference, put that pic of the benches on eBay with the title "Pavilion for Sale!" and see what kind of offers you get.

  • If you know the parks and rec people that manage the parks. Yes you can have tables designated to be used for players everyday. Sorry we are a little smarter than you. But its allowed.

  • Still waiting for you to show me where it says specifically niantic doesnt want people at parks using portals....

  • Niantic do want people in parks. The park you keep trying to add trash portals to already has quite a few portals for its size.

    What Niantic also want is a database of high quality portals. A database of POIs that are interesting, that people actually want to see, want to go to. That is there unique selling point. That is what their business is based on. That is what they sell to clients like PoGo and WU. If anything and everything can be a POI then anybody could do it and they lose their core business. Junk portals hurt Niantic.

  • They are updating opr because it needed it. Its vague. It doesnt help game intended game play styles especially since HPWU contradicts all of the OPR rules. They will be updating so that HPWU can grow whether ingress players like it or not.

    Lol. Niantic made billions of Pokemon Go. They didnt make nearly as much off of ingress. Hmmm. So your welcome as a pokemon go player.

    Sorry ingress players hate the ideas of bettering parks that are intended by design to have people at it. You guys love approving churches and other places that cause issues. More people get yelled at in other public areas than they do using a park.

  • That's where players assume too much. One players trash is another players gold.

    The way HPWU is it requires way more portals than you all guys like to have. (Not my fault...)

    I'm doing what is allowed per guide. Guide and help define criteria that is allowed by niantic.

    Good thing is guide is being updated, when your proved wrong it will reflect. If I'm proved wrong I'll move on to the next thing. But until someone shows me where niantic doesnt want people af parks using portals because that generates income for niantic and keeps the games going.... I dont think you have any real argument. Players for all games around the world want more portals. Hmm. Best place to do it is places designed for having people. One place that is designed is parks.... hmm... sounds like I know the games and the intent for the games better than you.

  • I'm a fairly casual player but lvl. 16 Ingress, lvl. 30 HPWU and lvl. 32 PoGo.

    I've never been yelled at anywhere while playing. If you're getting yelled at you are doing it wrong.

    Without Ingress there would be no HPWU and no PoGo.

    And this isn't just about the current games, it's about all the games to come, not all of which are going to be PoGo clones the way HPWU is.

    You don't want to make parks 'better', you want to make the game easier for yourself. You just don't want to do the actual walking.

  • I'm lvl 12 in ingress. Quad 40 in pogo. And lvl 35 in wizards. Attended Chicago and Indianapolis this year. You may not because your a casual player. I'm a person who has to deal with 750 local players and I am always in the middle of the issues because I'm always out playing one if the three games.

    Actually I disagree with you on the walking. I had a heart attack at age 36 in march... I go to a park everyday because I do enjoy walking more than driving now. Ingress is a driving game. Hpwu is a walking game. Completely different games. Ingress prime is a clone. Redacted is dead in a couple days. Means you too are also enjoying clones moving forward.

    Players most of the time dont do anything wrong as we usually keep to ourselves. We cant help a minister or a business owner having a bad day and taking it out on us... but I can promote parks moving forward because they are designed and designated to have people including large crowds. 60 plus vehicles can easily be parked at a park. Unlike a church or business.

  • Ah, you are an obsessive. That explains much.

    I didn't attend Chicago and Indianoplis partly because they are a different continent to me, but mostly because I have way better things to do with my time off.

    I'm sorry hear that you've had health issues, on top of the PTSD and color blindness that you've mentioned in other posts. You should want less portals so you can walk yourself healthy.

    Oh, and I've never driven to Ingress in my life, so I have no clue what you are talking about when you call it a driving game.

    "prime is a clone of Redacted" is just funny.

    You "usually" keep to yourselves? How about keeping to yourselves all the time and stop annoying people. That's why the lawsuit happened.

    You want to make the games easier. I like that they are a challenge.

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    It's interesting that they didn't reply to the commenter that posted this from the guide in one of their other posts since it EXPLICITLY proves them wrong.

    "Public parks are great, high-quality places for Portals: they are common all around the world and encourage players to walk, exercise and enjoy public spaces. However, park benches, picnic tables, or other common features might not meet criteria unless there is something significant about them."

  • Obsessive probably is a good word. Knowing my area better than other people I take pride in.

    My health is my health we can control what life takes us through. But trying to be an "ahole" and acting like you are a better person because you dont have health issues doesnt mean your better than me. Good thing about me, I'm a great person and player.

    Prime is a clone...

    Lol. You could say ingress players are at fault for the lawsuit because as you said pogo would be nothing with ingress... we could be blaming ingress players for stupid portal locations that doesnt even follow the game intent that caused the lawsuit.... Hmm. Ironically when you think about it.

    Nope don't want the game easier. Just want to be able to play and enjoy a park. You dont get to enjoy a smaller less known parks because ingress players feel a couple portals is more than enough. But with so many building styles in HPWU, some parks still dont have fortresses which is something they should have after 7 to 10 portals. You guys want gyms at parks. But now don't care about fortresses at parks because you say it's good enough. Ingress cares about MU's and large areas covered. Not so much on filling up parks with the proper amount for people to enjoy and keep busy with.

  • Dont know you? This supposed to be directed to me? How you obtained your count is not a concern of mine. but if you got an issue more than welcome to come visit at Merritt so we can resolve what ever issue you have. :) I'm there everyday in the evenings.

  • Hmm wasnt bothered by it because it doesnt exist.... Ironically though like most ingress players realized with apartment complexes and mcdonalds playgrounds, what you guys think niantic wants isn't what niantic wants... and stuff that is clearly written as being allowed is allowed. Including that parks are safe and manmade objects at natural features are allowed.

  • Also exact wording on the Ingress criteria page.

  • Lol. Been waiting for it. You are proving my point... OPR and the games have totally different rules from each other and no unity like ingress players believe there is with ingress rules being the only rules.... Just like wizards has nest at schools, banks, atms, department stores, doctors offices, and other areas that ingress would be a autoreject on. Uh why you think that Niantic is finally updating OPR guide because they were made aware publicly the games contradict everything in OPR guide and help. Yet you have submissions being wasted by reviewers. Valuable submissions that should be approved per guide and help.

  • What's the exact wording in opr guide since your doing research? Because as everyone has stated opr is different than ingress, pokemon and wizards. :)

  • This contradicts nothing. But like I keep saying. Keep submitting and keep getting mad when you waste your submissions on yet another denial.

  • I like that you think this is some kind of gotcha moment for you lol

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