Portal Appeal - Merritt Park Rules Sign #2

  • Category: Rejected Submission
  • Title of the Portal: Merritt Park Rules Sign #2
  • Location: 39.252590,-76.504936 (
  • City: Dundalk, MD 21222
  • Country: USA
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

  • Photos to support your claim:
  • A location with a cool story, a place in history or educational value. (Park rules are educational and the park has history involved in it being it has been around for almost 70 years.)
  • Signboards with educational information (It is a signboard that is considered educational information as it has the rules for the park. Would be similar to TOS or the OPR guide as a comparsion.)
  • Historical significance (apart from just being old) (Park has been around for 70 years, it is historic and has rules associated with things that occured over the last 50 years)
  • A cool piece of art or unique architecture (Unique Architecture for the sign makes them unique at the park.)
  • A hidden gem or hyper-local spot (Parks are hidden gems and hyper local spots. Them knowing the rules is to protect the players.)
  • A popular local spot that you would take a friend visiting your community for the first time. (Parks I take people too including children.)
  • A popular spot where locals gather, but may be lesser-known outside the community (Park is the popular spot by the community as they have birthday parties and other family gatherings at it. Having the rules of the park posted it is the TOS for the park and should be a portal.)
  • Tourist spots that showcase local flavor and culture and that make your city/neighborhood unique (Park is the venue, the culture is the park rules.)
  • More off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions (i.e., if you weren’t a local, you wouldn’t necessarily know to go here) (Off the beaten path in the middle of a park near pavilions and playgrounds.)
  • Adventurous tourist attractions - think lookout towers, observatories, signs or markers atop mountain peaks, etc. (Park is an adventurous tourist attraction due to its history and crabbing boat ramp.)

In addition to using the above acceptance criteria, we often add candidates that are a special nod to industries and networks that connect people around the world, just as Ingress connects Agents around the world. These include:

  • Public parks
  • Public parks are great, high-quality places for Portals: they are common all around the world and encourage players to walk, exercise and enjoy public spaces (According to guide the way i read it, parks should have more than one portal, and all things that are in parks that are fixed structures should be allowed, because it promotes people walking from stop to stop and people get to enjoy the public place at the park.)


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