The August Op

An operation was planned by @Davinici25 connecting 3 cities in Egypt ( Alexandria – Cairo – Ras El Bar). There were a lot of friendly crosslinks that was supposed to be destroyed first. Agents @abkarinov, @Butcher55, @Davinici25 destroyed all the crosslinks. Subsequently the anchor link was established from Portal " Mechanical Gate ” in Alexandria to Portal “ Walk Like Joker ” in Cairo. After the Anchor was established Agent @Hazem0 decided to add to the original plan. He built 7 Multilayer Fields from Mansoura city on the main anchor with a total of +67.3 Million MUs. Next day agent @Davinici25 traveled to Ras el Bar city and started his part of the operation. After reaching to 10 Multilayers, resistance agents were capabale of destroying the anchor in Cairo. But luckily agent @abkarinov was available to reestablish control of the portal. Therefore agent @Davinici25 the operation one more time accomplishing 14 Multilayers with a total of +200 Million MUs.


First Trial:- 17 Layers ~207.4M MUs

Second Trial:- 14 Layers ~196M MUs

Total OP MUs:- 403.4M MUs

Agent Participated:-

@Davinici25 (Organized/Planned - xlink Remover - Fielder)

@Abkarinov ( xlinks Remover )

@Butcher55 ( xlinks Remover )

@Hazem0 ( Fielder )



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