Feature request: Feedback when loading/unloading items to/from capsules

I am wondering if it is possible to offer more visual feedback when tapping on items to load/unload them into and out of capsules, perhaps by highlighting the items themselves?

I can see that there are various numbers that tick up/down all around the scanner--items in capsule, total items out of key lockers, subtotal, and number of selected items. But to me those changes are out of my main visual focus area and require more effort to track.

This is particularly useful when sorting keys in key lockers since if I have a lot of them to go through, I like to go through them quickly and tap the ones I want to load/unload, but invariably when I do that I miss a tap somewhere and right now it is difficult to tell which keys have been selected. If I recall correctly, in Redacted the items that have been selected for load/unload are also highlighted to make the selection more obvious.

Thanks for all your work that's gone into Ingress! I've been impressed with the progress that Ingress Prime has made since it first became available and am hopeful that there will be more great things to come 🙂

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