Part III: Recursion Prime

The events known as Recursion Prime center around Hank Johnson, former Researcher for the Niantic Project. Prior to Niantic, Hank had been sent on a mission in Afghanistan which ended with his **** while attempting to protect a relic site from enemy forces alongside a man named Azmati. Azmati was a member of an ancient society named 13MAGNUS....the possessor of ancient knowledge regarding XM and Portals and after Hank’s demise, used that knowledge to turn Hank into an XM Simulacrum. Hank was reborn and even made slightly immortal but with one catch: every 1,331 days his Simulacrum vessel would break down and reform in a process known as Recursion which would wipe his memories-and the clock towards his next Recursion was approaching fast. 

Hank's only path to survival leads to him succeeding where even Alexander the Great failed; to obtain the 21 Recursion Artifacts, rumored to be the true reason behind Alexander's campaign in Asia. The Artifacts, when activated and aligned to a Faction, seem capable of storing a person's memories in specific points throughout that person's life. Hank's plan was simple: there was no way to stop his Recursion but if he could leverage the Artifacts, he could give his next Simulacrum cycle the knowledge he's gained up until now in order to keep going.

The Resistance were able to claim victory in this series and gain the alignment of Hank’s next Simulacrum form. We'll talk about what happens to him next in Darsana Prime.

One more thing: While present in Austin, Hank and Wendy meet up. Hank and P.A want to know everything there is to know about Dunraven and see Wendy as their key in. Wendy ends up agreeing to assist Hank...or does she? Seems like shortly after the Recursion Anomalies, she wakes up in the Dunraven chamber...and remembers nothing about going to Austin. Nothing at all. She leaves the chamber...and is seen talking to someone else.

So then....who is Wendy?


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