Part I: Cassandra Prime

Carrie Campbell was brought into the Niantic Project in order to analyze the connections between Exotic Matter and human language across history. Her research led to the discovery of an XM-exclusive language: Exogenous Glyphs.

Much like XM, Glyphs are capable of influencing the human mind at the subconscious level-though with Glyphs, they are able to transmit a particular concept, emotion or ideal. Combining various Glyphs can result in a "sequence" capable of transmitting thoughts or ideals that can be interpreted to cause even greater effects.

The events known as Cassandra Prime are regarded as the first Anomalies in the Osiris Sequence. They surrounded the struggle made by Carrie to stop the arrival of an Exogenous signal that could cripple human civilization-regardless of the cost.

Persons of Interest such as Oliver Lynton-Wolfe were present in certain Anomalous Events within the series attempting to manipulate the Anomalies to influence political institutions to support their Factional causes. Campbell believed that such activity would unleash the Exogenous Signal and rallied Agents to assist her to prevent its arrival. Agents from both Factions responded to her call, even going as far as to draw Exogenous Glyphs on themselves during the final Anomalies as a show of solidarity and support. Due to their efforts, the Enlightened found themselves the victor gaining access to Carrie’s Glyph Journal and her Factional alignment.

In my universe....Carrie didn't make it. She put her life on the line in order to make sure the Exogenous Signal didn't invade our world. 1218 Hank Johnson came to Osiris to do whatever was needed to ensure that Carrie survived this time. Thanks to everyone's actions...she did. For now, at least.


  • The Exogenous Signal mentioned above is sometimes called the Civilization **** glyph sequence. Exposure to this sequence all but ended the Anaztec civilization in South America. Which begs the question: if the Shapers are our friends, why is this in their playbook?

  • @SachielOne personally I'm of the mindset that the reason the sequence was connected to the Shapers in other universes such as 1218 is because at the time we were only beginning to unravel the possibility of other Exogenous races similar to them, such as the N'zeer. I'm not of the opinion that the Shapers held this in their playbook and are the culprit of the Sequence; rather I believe that the Sequence was created by an Exogenous race but we haven't met them yet-heck, we may never meet the creators of it.

    I wouldn't also rule out the idea that Nemesis was behind it.

  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    @MustafaSaid the Exogenous Glyphs are more known as Shaper Glyphs.... not because Shapers created it, but because at least in 1218 the Shapers were the first exogenous race to be "discovered"

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