Precursor: Ingress Prime, The Niantic Project and the Multiverse

If you've ever wanted to know about the world of Ingress Prime, I'm here to help out a bit. I'll be sharing briefings about what's happened so far and what's coming next. Keep an eye out every now and then. So, here's the beginning.

To the best of my knowledge at the time of writing these briefings, the events that have been acknowledged as the origins of Ingress seem to be the same in both universes: Thanks to the work of P.A Chapeau, a Truthseeker, we learned about the existence of the Niantic Project, created by the NIA to study XM, leading to the creation of the smartphone technology known as Ingress. XM is discovered to be carrying a signal, known as “Ordered Data”, which can influence the human mind at the subconscious level-and that this signal is being shared between two races of beings known currently as the “Shapers” and the “N’zeer” who have been locked in conflict possibly since the dawn of the human race.

It is learned that some people are drawn to XM and others are repelled by it. Ingress is later leaked out of the Niantic Project and is uploaded by game makers Niantic Labs onto the Google Play Store. The two schools of thought regarding XM became reflected as “Factions” in the game-the “Enlightened”-the ones drawn to XM and the Shapers- and the “Resistance,” those who are repelled by XM and the N'zeer. (Note: there's been a vigorous debate within the Resistance regarding the N'zeer. Some, such as Jahan, believe that the N'zeer is the alternative path away from the Shapers that will benefit humanity while others, such as Devra, see the N'zeer in the same vein as the Shapers: a threat that cannot be allowed to influence us.)  

All of these events lead up to Epiphany Night, where things start to get a bit tricky. During a failed test of the Power Cube XM item which left the entire lab members (except for Hank Johnson, who wasn't present) exposed to high levels of XM, two of the Researchers-Devra and Roland Jarvis-escape the lab with the assistance of ADA, the Niantic-built AI who had gained full sentience. Devra survives but Jarvis is led by ADA to Zurich where he is shot and killed by NIA operatives. However, later on it is revealed Jarvis cheated **** utilizing XM in some fashion(possibly at the hands of the Shapers), resulting in his decision to lead the Enlightened Faction.

Finally, the last-and biggest revelation of all: There exist multiple universes that are all in their own way coming to terms with Exotic Matter and whether they are aware of it or not, have begun to tamper with XM-and all of its unique and destructive potential. The battle between the Exogenous-and the Ingress Factions-has spread to other universes in ways none of us could have predicted. The universe I've come from is regarded by the NIA as "1218"-signifying the original revelations of Ingress in early 2012 and concluding in year 2018-while the current universe that Ingress Prime operates in is regarded as "Osiris," named after the Egyptian god of **** and rebirth.


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