Mission Badges in Prime

I did my first mission mosaic in prime in a portal dense area. Froze twice in two hrs. And when you hit “more missions”, it brings up the next page but starts you at the BOTTOM so you have to scroll up and you can’t tell where pg 1 ends & 2 begins. That said, they have drastically improved missions in prime with each update. The only thing missing is the address of the portal. If I’m in a city I don’t know, finding the next portal is a challenge if it’s not right in front of me. I hope these two things are being addressed in future updates?


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  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    I recently went on holiday and did four banners (24+24+18+18). It was a great help for the Aurora glyph challenge. :-)

    Anyway, the only real problem I noticed was when I came to the one Field Trip waypoint which was in one of the missions. I had no idea where the thing was as it seemed to keep changing direction. Eventually I noticed that I was actually almost on top of it, despite the marker being towards the top or bottom of the screen (and obviously when I walked past the location, that's when it flipped from top to bottom or vice versa). Problem was, I had no idea how to activate it, and so I ended up loading Redacted just for that one waypoint and then returned to Prime for the rest of the mission.

    Possibly this was a bug that would have been fixed by restarting Prime, but loading Redacted was much quicker...

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