VA Loch Raven Sign #1


  • Robotics clinic for veterans with prosthetics.... more significant than a painted fire hydrant....

  • Memorials at veteran hospital and clinics are bad submissions. Signs and physical things are better submissions for soldiers who are depressed. You do not want a veteran to sit and read a memorial at a hospital they are going too. You want them reading the signs of where they have to go.... buildings they need to be at.... some common curiosity and common sense needs to occur with submissions for veterans. Need my documentation for PTSD? I can share....

  • Candidate: Hospital

    Policy: Reject

    Suggested Vote: 

    REJECT if the candidate is on or inside the hospital building or is in any location where it could obstruct emergency services and access to the building. ACCEPT candidates in hospital gardens if they are not in the path of emergency vehicles.

    Per guide it is acceptable.

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