Proposal links disapearing [2.30.2]

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Summary of issue:

After the creation of a link, the next proposal portal to link desapear from the carrousel. When creating links, this is buggy and unconfortable because we need to exit the carrousel and get back again to continue link. Furthermore, it lends to mistakes in linking order and multilayered fields.

One of the great feature of Prime in former version was the speed to create links from the carrousel, without the requirement to get out from the menu.


Several devices


iOS & Android

App Version (Settings > Scroll to the bottom):

2.30.2-43590c45 (bug present since 2.29.2).

Please @NianticBrian @RedSoloCup @NianticCasey could you report this issue to the dev team?



  • This was confirmed to still be broken on 2.3.0 by multiple agents.

  • Yep still broken in 2.30 on Note 8 Android 9 device, this has led to some link mis-throws for me as well which us never fun. To be safe I only throw one link at a time now, then exit and select the link option to safely reset before the next link, a time consuming process.

  • Hi, indeed this behaviour is seen by people around me as "yet another reason not to switch to Prime" . It is getting difficult again to advocate to "make the jump before the Redacted EOL".

  • I'm experiencing this on 2.31.2

    Using a Xiaomi Pocophone F1

    The linking didn't have this bug on the 2.28 version

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