2.30.2-43590c45 Prime Feedback

I have been playing the majority of my time on Prime for at least 6 months. I find many of the new features nice but the bugs have caused a ton of frustration.

  1. Loading: When I start Prime it takes between 20-30 to get to playable and that is in the optimal situation (at home on wifi). If I get a notification that a portal is being attacked, the portal is dead and being deployed on before the app is open and playable. Redacted only takes about 5-10 seconds under the same conditions.
  2. Restarting: I would say that the majority of the time that I put the app in the background for anything longer than a minute and sometimes even when it is only for a handful of seconds the app decides it needs to restart. This wouldn't be too much of an issue except for point #1 above. It is very frustrating especially when I am moving from place to place attempting to accomplish a task in the game.
  3. General Delays: Regardless of if it is deploying resos or firing bursters there are many times when the delay in the game adds a level of frustration. This typically happens when the cell signal is not the strongest but also not the weakest. In Redacted, you would see the actions that you took and sometimes the system would come back saying X action didn't work. Whereas in Prime you have to sit and wait for X action to be acknowledged before the next action OR sometimes it allows stacking of actions but it gives a weird user experience such as seeing a portal half deployed and then pop it is fully deployed. Maybe the server connections aren't as responsive.
  4. Stalled Glyph Hacking: This has been covered by MANY other posts.
  5. Portal visualization and refresh: When I look at a remote portal either via a key, in the link options picker, or via the "Alerts" notification. I don't always see its current state such as the resonators' health, the links/fields attached to the portal, any nearby portals. If I am recharging I have to exit the recharge interface and re-enter it to see if the resos need to be recharged which is highly inefficient. When I am linking to a remote portal I don't always see the links already attached to the portal so I don't always know if it is the correct portal to throw a link to.
  6. No sharing of the agent profile: This is in Redacted.
  7. No portal edits or reporting invalid: This is in Redacted.
  8. Comm/ACTIVITIES/ALERTS/CHAT: I think this has overall been significantly improved since Redacted. The biggest problem I have is that it refreshes every 15 seconds and forces the user down to the bottom of the page. Sometimes it takes longer than that to scroll to where you want to be and unless you are holding the scroll you lose your place.
  9. Auto-picking bursters/ultra-strikes: When in the heat of destruction I run out of the bursters at the level I was using it cycles to the higher level bursters. Although in my book this isn't horrible I would prefer it to move to lower level bursters. What really annoys me is when it cycles into my ultra-strikes and I typically fire off a couple before I realize. This is exacerbated when there is a delay as mentioned in point #3.
  10. Auto-picking resos: When again in the heat of deploying I typically try not to use certain reso levels (L8s) unless I know I need to. But when I'm deploying quickly and it runs out of lower level resos it will cycle around to the L8s. In many cases I would prefer to leave a portal as not fully deployed than waste a reso that I'm trying to hold on to. This is exacerbated when there is a delay as mentioned in point #3.
  11. Linking nit-picks: When I'm linking there are two things that cause a slight bit of frustration. The first is typically the first link I throw from a portal shows up again in the portal link options if I have more keys for that portal. The second is that regardless of the reason that I can't throw a link to another portal I get a message like "Incorrect faction". I typically get that when I have already maxed out the outgoing links from a portal.

I guess that is enough for now. I'll write separate posts for the features/enhancements I would like to see.

Device : iPhone 6s Plus

OS : iOS 12.4.1

App Version: 2.30.2-43590c45

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