Questions for Jarvis

Truthseekers! P.A. Chapeau here!

It's come to my attention that Roland Jarvis is going to attempt to communicate with the NIA tomorrow. If any of you have questions for him in advance, post them here, and I'll do what I can to pass those along.



  • More questions inbound on here PAC. Anyone who wants to post questions feel free to do them where you please.

  • I'd like to know why he doesn't try to understand ADA better, and if he considers her just a machine, or if she is a unique being that was brought to life through technology.

    With all that we know of tecthulhus, how do we know that she ISNT a form of life worthy of protecting?

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Why didn't you post to your Dossier? We completely missed your post 😅

  • Does he or any of the other researchers know if the new glyphs we failed to unlock during Aurora's little game will somehow be available to us in the future?

  • Hi P.A long time no see!

    I have something to ask Jarvis, can you tell him?

    Q1:You met Wendy at the port. 

    What did you receive from her at that time?

    Q2:What is your impression of Gabriel? What kind of lineage is she?

    Q3:You screamed “Enlightenment!” In the previous video. I want to know what the situation was.

  • Thanks for passing along my questions/the doc PAC. unfortunately i'll have to keep my questions until i get to actually meet with Jarvis one day.

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