The Sentry Mod

Rare mod that alerts the portal owner when an opposite faction agent is in range.

As of now, agents can receive attack notifications only when a portal is under attack (i.e. a resonator is hit). By placing a sentry mod, agents can increase their chances of defending a portal by

  • receiving a notification as soon as an opposite faction agent enters the hack range of the portal
  • having increased recharge effectiveness (+ 50%) as long as an opposite faction agent is still in hack range

The sentry notification has a cooldown of 1h per agent.

Sentry notifications can be enabled/disabled in the scanner settings.



  • jsylvisjsylvis ✭✭✭✭

    This would more-or-less be fixed by:

    1) reliably getting timely notifications

    2) Prime not taking an eternity to load

  • I fear the game will never allow for proper real time battles over portals. I've had myself and 1 or 2 other agents recharging (not even remote in my case) as fast as we can, cubing for more XM immediately one boost charge is activated, and still not be able to save a portal against a single other-faction attacker.

    One tweak that should be possible is to get a notification if a mod on a portal you own/have resonators on takes damage. No sneaky US'ing just the mods off first (but that will still have the advantage of not being attacked by the portal unless you also hit a resonator).

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