Prime Portal Submissions/Nominations rough in Low Signal Areas

Ingress Prime Build 2.29.2-ecc17158

iPhone 8 Regular model MQ7X2LL/A running iOS 12.4.1 on Verizon

Location: Iowa, USA

Portal submissions in lower-signal-quality areas are really, really painful. And I'm not talking 1-bar, hinterlands of Iowa signal -- I'm just talking anything less than metro holy-cow fast cellular. Even for submissions in solid data areas, it takes multiple dozens of seconds to submit. Tonight in a 4-bar area, it took over 8 tries waiting up to a minute+ each try before it would time out.

We can do better, Niantic!

A) Please find a way to optimize this process. We rural players need OPR more than anyone else, I wager, because we're trying to raise density, and we can't put up our own cellphone towers, so please optimize traffic as much as possible. This goes for other operations, too -- making systems that work around oddities in bad connections, bad GPS conditions, etc....gets and keeps more players. I promise.

B) I would love to see a REAL progress bar and possibly status messages vs. the infinite squeezy triangle pulse which means nothing to me and doesn't show actual progress, so I have no idea if it's trying to upload something, or it is computing pi to the 300th decimal.

I'd love to see real status messages during, like:

"Contacting servers....CONNECTED"

"Uploading portal photo.....DONE."

"Uploading supplemental photo.....DONE."

"Uploading portal details and location.....DONE."

"Submission complete!"

C) If you could make it so I could save and complete a portal-submission-in-progress, I'd completely send you a box of donuts. Donuts For Developers! Draft submissions. If I hit a bad area and I'm going to not get to submit until later, let me save it as a draft and complete on wifi, etc. That'd be super-awesome in a frosting covered with rainbows sprinkles kind of way.

Many thanks for consideration!

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