Inventory carousel makes me cry

Even with the addition of a secondary carousel to switch between item categories in Prime, the inventory system in Ingress remains one of the most tedious to use in any modern game I actively play. What makes things all the more painful is how much more convenient the Manage menu for an item category is - a nice, orderly, relatively easy to glance and very quick to use grid.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that if the grid system would be extended to the entire inventory, there would be a lot less complaints about it overall.

A nested solution could work great - have the item categories (from the lower, greyscale category carousel) be tiles in a grid, and when clicked, they would allow access to a menu much like the normal Manage grid, albeit more flexible and allowing for more than just item selection.

I hope this suggestion manages to grab the eye of a developer who's as frustrated by the convoluted inventory system as I am. Thanks for reading.



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