Conflicting FS towns/cities?

What’s the closest proximity for two competing cities or towns be for hosting a First Saturday Event? To be more specific, Philly, PA, USA & NYC, NY, USA keep having ones but they are too far for a lot of the local central NJ agents I know. If I hosted one is it too close or does that not matter?


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  • mysteri0nmysteri0n ✭✭
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    From the conversations I've had with the POCs and FevGames last month, I've been told that there is usually a 150km distance required when holding multiple First Saturdays in the same or nearby cities. If you submit a second First Saturday to FevGames and there is already one registered within 150km, the registration gets pushed back, but for the month afterwards that second city registration is prioritised when establishing the next First Saturday.

    Then I heard something else from someone that as long as there isn't enough conflict and any disagreements, you can hold two First Saturdays simultaneously in the same city, since it doesn't matter if you registered for two First Saturdays and hack multiple registration portals, you only get the AP bonus based on the area and period you received the most AP from.

    I've love to host a local FS in my city. The CBD to where most of our local community (like, neighbourhood local) is almost 50km, and there's been some demand for it too.


  • ArrivedArrived ✭✭

    @mattyFRAICHE what does the ''close" mean? How far it is?

  • SonicgottSonicgott ✭✭✭✭

    IFS should have a decent portal density obviously, but location will just ultimately determine who wants to travel to the event. I've driven over an hour just for IFS, but I've also been lucky enough to WALK TO an IFS. :)

  • LosanguinosLosanguinos ✭✭✭

    I've seen multiple IFS's in the same state, iirc. I would sincerely doubt that having one in central NJ and another in NYC would be an issue.

    THAT SAID: There are a lot of other criteria for IFS. Go read "How to Start an IFS" under EVENTS.

  • caytcayt ✭✭✭

    In the state of Indiana in June we had 5 IFS. It was fantastic to have so many options for people to go to. They all saw outstanding attendance and had fun events.

    I highly encourage folks to talk to each other regionally and try to rotate where IFS are.

  • @Arrived close meaning the closest km between the cities. Does Niantic dent your IFS event if you are close enough to a different one that’s is, let’s say, an hour away? I have a lot of locals and people that have kids and driving 2hrs almost for the nearest IFS is too far. If I had one that is only an hour away from the majority of outback “locals” will they deny me? Did that help clear it up orb make it worst? 😅

  • @Losanguinos I understand there are other variables too. I’m more focused on step one. If I go through all the trouble of finding a RES to work with and a park or venue for check in/out and then get denied because of proximity it would be rather annoying after all the work I did did. PA and NYC have been on the ballot almost immediately upon opening day because they've done so many already.

  • ArrivedArrived ✭✭
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    @mattyFRAICHE I don't have an experience with Nia denying an IFS event. I really feel like there's no limit unless you have enough players to make it official...

  • ArrivedArrived ✭✭
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    @mattyFRAICHE there's just limit for 1 IFS in a city. (/month)

  • cluelessnesscluelessness ✭✭✭

    All correct there. If there a no conflicts or arguments, the only limit is 1 event per city each month. If there is a disagreement between events and they are less than 150km apart, the first one submitted gets priority but we highly encourage that organisers work together to make a more successful and fun event for everyone and try moving the event around to nearby regional areas so everyone gets a go.

  • GallifreyanPGallifreyanP ✭✭✭

    In some of the worlds largest cities it would be easy to have multiple FS - The size of places like London, Paris, New york, Tokyo and the sheer number of players would make is feasible. For one of FevGames write ups I saw a Moscow Fs had more than 300 attendees. That's a LOT of agents to input into the spreadsheet.

    Our local FS we get about 15 dedicated players, and have been making an effort to hold some in the smaller towns in the area as well - about an hours drive from the city. Keeps it fresh.

  • cluelessnesscluelessness ✭✭✭

    Moscow do actually have smaller events in their near by surrounding cities as well and still get the massive turnout in the captial.

  • Philly WANTS more people to host events because we were the only ones doing it in the Mid-Atlantic for a minute and processing 60+ is annoying! Haha! You are WAY safe to host anywhere in Central Jersey... NYC just had their first one and it was great turnout... No need to worry about being too much competition for either Philly or NYC. #YouGotThis

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭

    In the Netherlands, FS events are hosted 100km apart from each other. I really don't think it matters, every city can host a FS, if you can get a minimum of 10 agents to join, with at least three agents from each faction.

  • I dont believe there is any actual rule for this. I may be wrong. But I'm almost certain there is not as long as they are in different towns. In my area (IN) we have several FS events in towns that are not very far apart. As long as you communicate with the POC's I believe that's all that matters.

    You dont want to have a FS that is very close to another one and "steal" players that would otherwise attend the other event. Support ALL EVENTS and help each other.

    So, what the best thing to do if you have events that are near your area and you want to have a FS in your town. So, just a few things and you should be good...

    1. Contact the POC of and communicate with them what your plans are.
    2. Do not make your event the same time of day as theirs. We even have agents that will attend multiple FS events in one day since the times are different (You will only receive double XP for one FS).
    3. Never ever try and recruit agents to attend your FS event instead of another one.
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