Bug: Prime crash/hang after ~30 minutes

I repeatedly hit this problem every 15-30 minutes.

Setup: visit local cemetery to help agent level up.

They would cap, fully deploy. I would upgrade their R5's -> 8, 7, then hit the upgrade button to "auto" upgrade the one to three resos remaining that needed 6's and 5's.

(side bug, the auto upgrade sometimes skips reso deployment levels. Sometimes I'd be deploying 8 6 6 5. Probably related to me tapping the second r5 manually, while the first R8 deployment RPC finishes making its round trip. not the end of the world, just annoying. Redacted has the same issue to some extent)

I would glyph hack the upgraded portal

I would go into my inventory, show keys, scroll down to the closest keys, drop. inventory, keys, tap on key, drop. inventory, keys, tap on key, drop.

Eventually, I'd end up in a state where I would:

1- enter inventory

2- tap on "keys"

ISSUE OBSERVED: I could not tap on any keys in order to drop them. I stayed in the list of keys only. Once or twice I waited 30s to see if it was lag, but it didn't go away, even going back out and back in to the inventory view.

BEHAVIOUR EXPECTED: I should be able to tap on keys in order to drop them.

Note that the inventory screen would still scroll, I just couldn't tap on keys.

WORKAROUND: Force app quit, restart.

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