Those who are quitting once Redacted scanner closes...,

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Come and share with us here. What's your plan at least until end of the year?


I was hesitating to quit a year after I played, but I kept coming back...because the scanner is there. Pogo came and I was half hearted and left it. HPWU is good but that I can take my time to play. Many of my Ingress mates quit due to life, and when redacted is closing its door in end of Sept, I have to admit I am sighing with relief.

This would be my first game that I quit because it's no longer there. I tried Prime and I am not a fan. Because the game I know and come to love is more than pretty lights and shining bits. So we're counting days (both partner and I).

Planning to catch up with novels that I bought but have yet to be read, picking up drawing and writing again maybe, and maybe I will install Prime again someday but not that soon enough. OPR might be my main focus to still in a way help the community, but I think that is pretty much of it.

How about you? What are the things you are looking forward to when it all ends?



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