Submit restrictions

I really feel there should be some restrictions on how many times you can submit the same portal candidate.

If an agent submits same garbage candidate for 15 times and it gets rejected every time, he/she should not be allowed to keep trying again. At least not for a certain amount of time.


  • a lot of good stuff which meet the guidelins get denied very ofter, so many places like local hotspots just because being a restaurant, hotel, or anything alike gets denid because internet strangers dont even know the place, that is not good idea

    it might work if for example somebody just send a poi for joke in a very constant way and it gets flagged as abuse like already happen then yes, that user at some point could get a punishment regarding to keep sending cats or anything that just waste people time and is 1* ez agreement, however we need more control too with people reviewing, if the reviewer deny absolutely 5* portals very often then should get punished too, you cant always think is submitters fault because reviewers have a lot of fault too in this system

  • ZaltysZaltys ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019

    Against. Repeated submissions don't equal garbage. I had to submit a baseball stadium seven times before it finally passed, even though it was an 'obvious 5*' according to every player I showed it to.

    And there's a few unique local businesses (such as a pottery workshop / gift shop) that have already got rejected repeatedly, even though the consensus I've got when asking about those (on Discord, Telegram, etc) is that they're valid according to AMAs and should be voted 4 to 5*.

  • I've had submissions rejected that were instant 5 stars for no apparent reason. Some of them have taken 5-10 tries to pass OPR just using the same picture, title, location and discription with no changes at all.

    Also, theres no way to just edit a submission if it happens to land too close to another portal, sometimes they take a couple of tries to find the sweet spot too.

  • I would agree that putting a limit on re-submissions is a bad idea. However it might be good to further encourage reviewers to flag obvious abuse and people who get flagged too much could be suspended.

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