The path from the tic-tac-toe (with the plot of the game) to a great game such as chess

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Sorry, for errors in the text, English is not my native language.

I do not know how in other countries, but in Ukraine, ingress was a game of intellectuals and dreamers. For many people, this has even turned into a lifestyle. But times are coming and from many people I hear more and more that "that tic tac toe" has become boring. A war between factions that does not bring any result (except for a medal in profile) began to disappoint many players. Monotonous repetition of the same simple actions tires many, even very experienced agents. Hacking the same type of portals from day to day, hacking with one simple click of a button, connecting portals into triangles ... (This can be taught to do even a neural network or a group of higher primates. Well, if the chimpanzees mastered the instagram, take my word for it, they would definitely be able to master the current version of ingress.) 

Nevertheless, in our world there are games that do not cease to amaze with their gameplay even after hundreds of years. These are games for smart people. They make people think, analyze, evolve and adapt. In such games there is no equality, but there are grandmasters and beginners. Experience in such games comes with time and hard intellectual training.

Fellow developers, is it time to make ingress something like chess? A game with an endless selection of VARIOUS tactical solutions - Not only connecting absolutely identical points into triangles. Many of us want changes (different types of portals, the introduction of exogenous creatures, other objects in the scanner except the portals. New game strategies, the fraction for which AI will play). Finally make a game for smart people that reveals all the possibilities of augmented reality. Do it, and we will repay you handsomely.


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    As much as I would like to see more complexity added to the game as you suggest, Niantic has to tread carefully here as they wish for the game to appeal to and be played by a large audience of players as this is how they ultimately make their money. Start introducing too many complex actions and required lengthy sessions/play for advancement and progress in the game, and you end up scaring off the largest portion of users whom are the casual/passive players which can lead to revenue loss for Niantic.

    Such complexity and increased requirements though could be applied to future Niantic events, which in this way the casual players can still play the game at their own pace, while the more diehard and challenge seeking players can seek out competing in these various events.

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    Look at chess, if you take them at the level of a grandson playing with his grandfather in the backyard, then the game is really simple and does not require serious skills. but if you take the same chess at the level of international competitions, then there each player knows a lot of different chess theory, has the practice of a chess game, and so on. But in both cases there are the same chess with the same rules.

    In ingress at this stage, the skill of the player is not important. The time spent on the game as well as the number of people playing for your faction is what matters.

     There are no queens or other pieces in our game,

    just an endless war of identical pawns.

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    Check out this idea for more complex gameplay I posted in a different section of the forum.

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    Now that redacted is off, dear developers, show your imagination to make Prime a truly interesting, diverse, and unpredictable game. in return we will thank you with money. In the meantime ... By the way, you could open an account for receiving payments on the principle of not only an online store in the game but also Donationware.

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