Prime starts up 3x slower than Redacted

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I timed it a few times with a chrono app.

Redacted starts up in 10 seconds on my phone.

Prime takes a full 36 seconds.

I measured from pressing the app icon until i could see the game's main screen. I did not wait for the gps fix.

For anyone used to Redacted loading speeds this is horribly long. This is particularly annoying if you want to do a quick hack and the app is not running. This is even more annoying if you just switched out of the app to use something else and it turned out Prime got killed.

Think swapping between Prime and a comm app during an Anomalie on an older phone. 😱😱😱

Android - OnePlus 3 - v2.29.2


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    on my s10+ its like 8 seconds on redacted double on prime... so yea not even close to old..

  • Yup, the fastest Prime starts on my Google PIxel 2 XL is ~24s, and I recall REDACTED starting in around 10s. I can't check again now as I'm on Android 10 and don't want my account to get suspended (I just removed REDACTED to be sure of no accidents).

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well, I do have an old phone. Startup times are getting worse: with 2.30.2, just after rebooting my phone and on a strong Wi-Fi connection the Prime startup time was three and a half minutes. Even with Prime running in the background, I started up Redacted and it was ready to use in 23 seconds.

  • Well i have Redmi 4x and Moto G3, on both Prime starts too slow,no time to defend at all.When Redacted will be deactivated,defence gameplay will become even more painful than it is now due to worthless shields.

  • ZaltysZaltys ✭✭✭
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    iPhone 7. Redacted launches in eight seconds, Prime in thirty.

    Which is a problem. I like to close the app whenever I'm not using it, to save the batteries. Ingress saps those quickly, especially in freezing weather.

  • Android Pixel 3

    (OS: 9)

    Redacted startup: 6 seconds.

    Prime startup: 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Note 9

    Redacted is a 10 sec startup

    PRIME is a 45 second startup

  • Note 8

    Redacted 14 seconds LTE 20 seconds HSPA+

    Prime 55 seconds when in LTE, 90 seconds when in HSPA+

    Redacted allows interactions with the world space within 5seconds of load

    Prime can take 30 seconds to allow interactions with world space.

  • I had problems too. Try to reinstall Prime. Still a bit longer than Redacted but launches much quicker now.

  • Thanks. That actually worked, I wonder why. Down to about 16s, significantly faster than before.

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