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I liked the toast avatar a lot. How could we get custom avatars? Like what our agent avatar is should be what we see, not a mouse/cursor icon.


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  • Dude, the time will come, right now we need to make prime playable...

  • JuXasJuXas ✭✭

    That could be done not with cursor only, it could be done with pretty much all game. And yes it could be payable function to change. Yes' you could get some revenue Nia 😂👍

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    You want a little person walking on your screen?

    I think it misses the point of It being a scanner and not a game.

    Maybe New kinds of arrows?

  • Well, for a forum so young, I'm really loving my "angry old hag" persona I've built. No. No way. Two avatars only, RES and ENL. Well... technically, if I was truly democratic the spoofers need a red one too.

  • @Cybertherion but even that, I have the same cursor as a RES. Can’t it be a shaper-like cursor for us? They wanna stay human that’s their choice 😂

    @Arrived it is playable. Yes there are bugs and things that need tweaking, but this is a forum for questions and I’ve asked mine. No need to start trolling me, already commenting on everything I've done

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