Inventory Management Suggestion: Vanity Traps

I know several people have advocated increasing the inventory size, and that the limited size is intended to keep 'god mode' players with loads of xmp's etc in check. I myself find a growing portion of my gear, while important to me, is close to useless in the game, however. I like to collect media, lore videos, FS 'badges', and different kinds of portal keys, like the NL-1331, notable portals during Anomalies, FS's, and MD's, portals I've submitted/discovered, and even from landmarks on vacations. I know Andrew Krug does something similar and likes(/d) to keep a key from each of the airports he visits. These 'vanity' items are not used in-game at all, but do clutter up the inventory, making item management more difficult while the purpose of the item limit doesn't apply for these.

I'd therefore like to propose 'Vanity Traps'. These would be containers, which, similar to Key Lockers, would allow players to place items in them and remove the items from the item count. To prevent players from using this to just expand their inventory cap for 'active' items, players would not be able to remove items from the Vanity Trap to their inventory and use them. Instead, removing an item from the container would only be possible by recycling the item (hence the 'Trap' part).

I for one would be willing to pay for such a container, like for the Key Lockers.


  • Yes, yes and yes. Although I would likely not really use such feature I imagine it would benefit a whole other dimension of the game. More depth is always better :)

  • Idea is nice but trap part was bit harsh I would rather have such option but not taking out is not a good idea imo

  • @Hz668 That would mean it was just a paid inventory extension. Niantic has made it clear they aren't fond of that idea.

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭
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    A scrapbook for memories.

    I'd love to have a way to save unplayable images of special keys and media.

    If none of this is possible, then a smaller solution: make media not count against item cap so they are not a recycle-on-sight waste of inventory space.

  • So long as media could still be looked at and played whilst in the Vanity Trap, sure.

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