August AMA Questions and Answers

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Thank you for your patience as it has taken me longer than expected to compile the AMA questions coming back from vacation and trying to get caught back up on things.

I have noticed a trend of Agents asking repeat questions relating to things like Portals on military bases, postboxes, fast food playground, etc. These have all been asked and answered in the recent past (sometimes multiple times). The answers have not changed.

There is also a number of questions centered around new features and game mechanics. Unfortunately, the answer to “when can we expect..” or “when will we…” has not changed either. However, I still strongly encourage you to ask these questions as it helps us plan our future direction. That said, some small new things be implemented in the near to mid future.

Due to this being published on August 30th, it doesn't make a great deal of sense to hold another AMA in just a few days. There are a lot of changes coming in the month of September and I think it would be better to hold off until October 7th for the next AMA for those to be implemented so we avoid speculative questions and you have a chance to update Ingress and see the enhancements.

The questions and answers for August can be found here:

>>AUGUST INGRESS AMA Questions and Answers

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