Ingress Prime 2.30.2 Release Notes



  • You would have to give support for every single version. Almost impossible.

    There are also fixes to the interface between client and server and server utself to improve/fix bugs. Nia would have to keep those buggy server systems and inperformant interfaces. Developers have to change many old connectors. Very expensive.

  • I'm having trouble with the touch... it isn't the iPhone (Samsung M30, Android 9), because it doesn't happen on Redacted...

    Please, fix this...

  • asul666asul666 ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    En 2 horas.

  • Looks like there is an xm visibility issue with Iphone as well. (I use Iphone 8 with latest ios). Funny thing is. It never shows XM properly in normal view. But sometimes (not always) xm IS visible in remote portal view.

    This release is not latest of course; But latest release didn't change anything.

  • MrIllerMrIller ✭✭
    edited October 2019

    I have a Pixel 2 XL and XM visibility is not always bad. Sometimes XM is displayed just fine and but most often it can hardly be seen, and this without changing Lighting Dynamics or Brightness of the phone. It is really weird that it differs so much from time to time on this device.

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