Multiple bugs and errors in Ingress Prime.

I suffer a lot of problems when I use Ingress Prime. I try to open it and it doesn't locate me. I have to open and close many times to locate myself and start playing. When I want to make a portal request it goes very slow. When I want to see an agent profile, or my own profile to see statistics, it appears with level 0, without ap, without medals, without missions, or agent image and the application closes. When the application has been open for a minute, my phone overheats a lot, even in map areas where there are no portals or fields or links or anything that involves processing load. I restarted the phone in the middle of a request, after making glyphs and when I make several interactions such as trying to see a portal, look at the inventory or anything in general. It goes very little fluid and it is impossible to press a distant portal that is close to another because it does not differentiate as Redacted does. When I close the application it still sounds as if I had it open, and the same thing happens when I have headphones with cable or bluetooth, even with the screen turned off. Multiple sources have reported that there is a bug related to the visualization of portals, which look huge and glitched. In the portal requests, when you are sending it, you get an error that it cannot be sent, but then you receive the confirmation email that the request has been made.

Device: Asus Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE601KL)

OS: Android 6.0


  • Depending on the specific model of your phone, one will experience some of those problems in different grades.

    But when you have a smooth, polished, reliable and battery saving scanner redacted it's unthinkable moving to prime, which is quite a promising app, but still unstable, incompatible and glutton.

    If redacted goes, I go too.

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    If redacted goes, I go too.


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