The good, the bad and the other stuff

clojurianclojurian ✭✭✭
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Have been exclusively using Prime other than for sharing stats for the last 3/4 months, using it since 2nd beta phase.

  • First the bad (in priority)
  • Freezing - happens whenever I recharge more than 10 portals. Seems to occur randomly, but most often freezes when appearing to render the remote view of a portal (which loads briefly after hitting charge button)
  • Crashing during any regular game play - happens at least once every hour. Could be linking, deploying,smashing or hacking - can't figure out what may be causing it other than it would appear to be a memory leak (?),. Sometimes the app auto-minimises when it crashes, switching back to it produces a white screen and have to force-quit and exit.
  • XM visibility - For me, XM is only visible when the pulse goes across the screen for parity it should always be visible IMHO. Tested with different lighting dynamics settings.
  • Upgrading resonators - occasionally when upgrading some resonators are not detected for upgrade.. e.g. Portal is L1 with a single L3 resonator. Fully deploy, existing L3 resonator not selected (not consistently reproducible annoyingly - sometimes it works fine.
  • Carousel navigation/recycling - when recycling all ultra-strikes, I'm navigated back to resonators/start of the Carousel. I expect to stay on the weapons menu, even if I have zero weapons after recycling.
  • Capsule loading - mass-select button seems to be missing (e.g have 50 L7 bursters want to transfer them all into a capsule).
  • Lighting dynamics - Not sure of the intent - disabling or turning it down just seems to make the screen less bright. I think people were hoping it would disable the pule animation (but still leave roads visible)
  • Loading missions: as with redacted, loading the missions in a profile of an agent that's done over 1000 missions seems to consistently crash the scanner.
  • The good:
  • Recycling - for the most part, great.
  • Glyphing (for the most part, also great)
  • Parity (that hopefully are on the way)
  • Stickiness of sorting in capsules (Sort method selected (distance/name) should stick even if completely existing the inventory and re-entering).
  • Navigate button/feature, pop up of closest portal when travelling
  • Speed lock behaviour
  • Share profile (for agent stats).
  • Improvement suggestions/features
  • Auto exit (option?) after recycling (after I recycle 10 L1 resonators, remove the need to hit "x" to go back to the menu,

Prime 2.29.2

Android 9

One UI version 1.0

Kernel 4.9.59

Knox 3.2.1

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9+


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2019

    I hope they fix the visibility outside (xm and grey portals), and the crashes... those are the reasons i refuse to run prime atm...

    my phone: Samsung S10+ so it shouldnt be a hardware issue my phone hangs when trying to recharge portals...

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    when recycling all ultra-strikes, I'm navigated back to resonators/start of the Carousel.

    So don't recycle your ultra strikes. What kind of a monster does that? ;-P

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