Retirement of Redacted, open issues left in Prime for me

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Since some agents asked me to post my feedback here as well, here's the post.

This might be interesting for the community managers like @Nerdmeetsyou or @RedSoloCup.

I posted the following input on twitter, see

Unrolled thread including images:

The retirement of prime is expected, but still bad news at the current state of prime. For me recharging and casual gameplay with prime is a pain for several reasons. A thread.

Recharging is much slower in prime. I'm a user that regularly recharges several hundred portals. By that I mean 600+ portals. I tend to use all my small power cubes as well as several hundreds l8 power cubes.

Usually I recycle three l7 or two l8 pcs (or more for lower) and then keep recharging. In prime I have to wait after using each pc. That's absolutely unnecessary. [It gets even worse, when we are talking about 21 L1 PCs]

Also the steps to recharge so many portals are too much in prime. You had the chance to improve the handling, but you didn't fix major issues. The first step is my decision to bulk recharge hundreds of portals. I'm not interested at all in other portal pictures in this process.

Still, I have to look at all the portal pictures in the process. Please remove this intermediate step as it's completely superfluous.

Next, scrolling the portals list is a pain as well. I have a one plus 7 pro, one of the most powerful phones on the market and it's laggy. Scrolling is laggy! ****.

Then, due to the lazy loading of values like recharge levels etc. I sometimes have to go back and forth being really quick, because I initially thought that the portal is neutral. This highly depends on the network connection ofc.

Coming to casual gameplay. My phone has a huge! display. Still many things are really hard to see in the birds eye view of the map. What is so hard in making portals appear bigger on the map? See the arrows. Why not make them as big as the center of the portal in the square?

Coming to feature parity. I want to navigate on the map. This is a super useful feature to explore my neighborhood. I can explore everything as long as I can navigate to it. Even without having a key. Also spot the difference in size compared to the picture in the last post.

Once you fix all these issues (and add the expected tsv export for stats), then we might talk about parity. Until then, [I will] watch the number of active players drop even more.

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    let's collect more of these issues!

    Worst for me: The poor blurry render scale. On my pixel 2, the portals look like a bird shat on my screen, while redacted offers an almost perfectly sharp view on the map.

    Second worst: The amount of steps needed for capsule/key management. Prime does this way too complicated if compared directly to redacted.

    In the current state, Ingress will die for me if redacted is shut down. With all the negative comments on Facebook and Twitter, if wonder who will still be able to attend anomalies. At least the GORUCK events can be played without scanner.

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    Adaptation of the description for submitting portals in Prime/ Pokemon Go.

    The support photo should indicate that the environment "with" the candidate should be visible.

    I have so often a close-up of the candidate, then an environment photo directed to the street.... where to evaluate such a position?

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