Ave Lendária "Articuno"

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Location: -23.546902,-46.880303

City: Barueri

Country: Brazil

Claim : The portal in question is valid and used as a field base by RES, there was an attempt to change the location, as well as deleting it from the map by IL, I request the analysis of these requests, as well as the reversal of the complaint, since nothing collapses the portal.Grateful for the attention.


  • this portal was positioned in front of a residence, not inside it, having access to everyone on the street, featured with street art, a painting. Seeing that everyone has access from the street, is characterized as valid since several people can use it. Thank you for your attention.

    The place lives more than one family with other players in the place and is not a condemnation but a neighborhood association.

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    These aren't valid. It is someone just making grafitti murals of pokemon on buildings. This isn't the first one. Nice try. These have been removed in the past and people try to claim valid but no they are not.

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