Fixing Marked as Duplicate vs New Portal?

This whole Google+ based system of AMA discussions being removed is killing me here, so I come seeking help. I have been trying to nominate portals in rural/suburban areas where POIs are far and few between in several areas. My latest OPR upgrade led me to a church located here 37.0603584, -93.2466692

The sign, which is roughly 300 feet from the building IS a portal already. The building is not. Based on research I can no longer pull up, I could've sworn a Q&A stated that the church and sign could BOTH be portals in areas like this with limited portal density, so I nominated the building. I even did so in Prime, specifically stating it was an attempt for a separate portal to hopefully avoid the "Mark as Duplicate"

However, as you guessed, it was marked as duplicate with the photo of the building added to the portal. Is there any way to appeal this "Mark as Duplicate" and hopefully get the portal added, or with all Q&As being lost (afaik), would I be wasting a nomination even trying to resubmit?


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