Can't delete account

I can't seem to be able to delete my account here, which is breaking with the GDPR guidelines...


  • Have you tried requesting your account to be deleted? GDPR does not state that you need a fancy blue button.

  • TegenliggerTegenligger ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    in fact it does, if I am able to sign up for a community, I should be able to sign off.

    I don't want to terminate my agent account, just remove my membership from this 'community', Since I'm already mass flagged and targeted here by my harassers. I want this to stop that is why I would like top opt out of this so called 'community'

    but since this isn't getting any response, I'll file a request with the authorities overlooking GDPR compliancy, a costly mistake vor niantic as these policies are now mandatory ...

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