Age of spoofers ?

So there it is : Niantic has "terminated" the actual fast track system and the actual trusted reporters have been "revoked" ... Before any announcements. Seriously Niantic ? Great way to manage a game community ! Is there any community manager doing his job over there ? #sacarsm Thank goodness you are not leading a country or managing a social security program. It's just a game after all.

Rumors said also, if a new TR program is launched #Soon™, it will be focused on the "damaging spoofers" (basically the few spoofers killing huge BAF and strategical anchors). So Niantic doesn't care or is too lazy to deal with the reports we do about the dozen of accounts spoofing every day in each of our major cities and impacting the game of many local Ingress players ? Every morning local players in Paris wake up with spoofers who did **** links in their neighborhoods and killed their portals during the night. How do you expect we keep playing in these conditions ?

About "damaging spoofers ", we are used to get our BAF and strategical anchors spoofed. My last op' with Azores, Sudan, French Guyane, Ghana and South Africa has been spoofed by 9 differents spoofers accounts ! It's not a big deal since we can get things reinstated. But we can't wait weeks, waiting for Niantic pushing the button and reinstate the spoofed portals / links / fields. And this is also damaging XF relationships. We can't expect both sides to not take advantage of the situation for so long. TR and Vanguard are / were doing a great job by logging everything for Niantic in few hours after a spoof to allow Niantic to reinstate things ... weeks after. #Soon™ That's the issue to address. Niantic' lazyness, not the TR system !

Regarding "harmless spoofers", if you want the urban players (the majority of your community) leaving Ingress because they are tired to play mostly against spoofers, keep going this way #sarcasm You can't leave them alone fighting against spoofers and ask them to use the bot (which really isn't userfriendly at all) on your support page. They deserve a fast track and decent answer. Moreover, many spoofers leveling in large cities are also accounts used to spoof anchors. And what are the commonalities between a "harmless, and probably a PoGo spoofer who only wants more portals" and a "destructive spoofer" ? Both can level up in dense cities at an incredibly fast pace... Who knows when that account will be used differently and turn rogue ? The first one actually seems to be accepted by Niantic which is a shame. Who knows ...  a PoGo player who only wants to reach L12 will be annoyed by the field above their head and will teleport itself to smash the fields because "they can't make as much AP". There's no "lesser spoof". All spoofs should be considered equally - as cheating.

Things are not that's binary and simple ! Except for Niantic ?


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    Well, cheating is actually a binary status. You cheat or you don't.

    But, since I take you are about spoofing and spoofing only, yes, there is no such thing as "lesser spoofing", but I guess TR didn't take care of that either :D

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    There are comments from Andrew Krug (RedSoloCup) saying that they are revamping the TR scheme, not removing it

    Edit: see

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    There are Reddit communities dedicated to spoofing, believe it or not. It's frustrating to have to deal with those shenanigans, but as I see it, I have little to no problem annoying the heck out of spoofers. I've driven 100 miles to irritate a spoofer (I don't recommend people do this — I'm a Lyft driver).

    Spoofers have torn down my anchors or for me to just rethrow them. (Thanks for the additional MU!)

    I hate cheaters with a passion, but I will go after a cheater with a smile on my face. They're a resource to my AP gain like any other opponent. But I won't cheat myself dealing with them.

    It's like customer service. To deal with thieves, you give them the best possible customer service, and they will HATE you for it. And that just gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies.

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    how this TRs work? they send a ticket ''ban this guy'' and niantic bans? if so then iam glad is gone

  • @Josmanu Not at all ! They just asked to Niantic to check if the account was spoofing or not and take the appropriate measures. Like you can do by using the bot on the Ingress support page ... If you can deal with the bot itself 😅

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    Tell me how to be? There is a spoofer in our city who has repeatedly announced his flights, but the whole faction stands up for him because "you can spoof, this is just a game" or "I do not want to be deleted from secret chats",

    "This is an honest and famous player" ... Applications to the niantic were written repeatedly, but it did not give a result.

    Let me give an example, in the spring I gathered for the portal behind the forest, walked around the forest and through it. Around a lot of dirt, stray wild dogs, and it was difficult for me to get to the portal and back, despite the fact that I like tourism.

    In the evening, when it got dark and going beyond the forest was unsafe even for me, the young fragile girl herself "went and captured the portal herself."

    Tell me how to do in such cases? Is there any kind of algorithm for reporting on such people?

  • From the looks of things - the only thing Niantic cares about are account traders, and farm bots/stores. They don't seem to care about spoofers unless it's egregious, and even then, it seems players have to twist Niantic Ops's arm to get them to do anything. But just regular players spoofing a little here and there... no big deal. Maybe they can't get signal at the portal, but they can a mile away. Spoof! Why not, Niantic isn't going to care. Frankly, it's ruining the game faster than niantic raising the price of frackers, or doing crazy anomaly rules and skewing scores to fit their plot lines.

  • RMT is a big time problem in MMORPGS and not surprisingly they have taken to games like PoGO, Harry Potter, and Ingress. I been trying to get to level 12 but the progress slowed down considerably last month when my mom got sick and had to go under the knife and the hours at work increased and now I'm working 6 days a week up to 55 to 60 hours each week. I live in a very small rural town so we don't even try to link up portals anymore because I'm almost always out of resonators even if I hack every local portal at least once per day on the way home from work.

  • It's hard. Imagine if someone was reporting just like you are, but they knew the person wasn't a spoofer. Just trying to get someone they don't like banned. Niantic can check for suspect movement, but if they can't find anything they can't ban someone based on one agent's word

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    <delete> i am just gonna get in trouble for ranting :D

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