Stuck Edits, Photo and Portal Submissions

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As per title. Since about Friday evening, I haven't been receiving any confirmation emails about any portals, edits or any of my new portal submissions as of late. The data on the Scanner [REDACTED] app doesn't seem to be anomalous. I submit a lot of new photos where I visit everyday but I haven't received anything since Friday evening.

The last email of a confirmation of photo and edit submission was at 4:17pm and 4:24pm respectively, but the last email for a completed portal review was at 10:56pm, all last Friday. I have also discovered a key of a portal I submitted via Redacted a month ago and received that on Sunday, but with no portal review complete email.

Is the confirmation and receiving server for Redacted currently undergoing maintenance since then? A lot of edits seem to be banked up on the server-side, and am currently confused.



  • Hey again.

    So it turns out after my recent EMUI 9.1 update on my phone, it seemed to have blocked incoming and outgoing connections and it seemed to have blocked all requests to and from some Ingress server. Had to reset, uninstall Scanner [REDACTED] and tweak with a few firewall settings, and although I lost all the pending requests, photo uploads and submissions, I can now safely and successfully perform them once again.

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