Will spoofers ever be banned?

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inVesTiGatiOn cLoSeD


  • long live nimbo79

  • No

  • Look at how well Niantic has done with Pokemon Go cheating..... This will soon come to Ingress

  • I will love a solution to ban the spoofer AND main account who manage that spoofer.

    Im bored to see spoofers around after denounce them. (Not only spoofers. Also multiaccounts).

    @Blahze9 not everyone plays pokemon. So (in my case) i have no clue what niantic do with them.

  • SonicgottSonicgott ✭✭✭✭

    Niantic is banning spoofers all the time, but spoofers create accounts as quickly as Niantic bans them.

  • Dont make me laugh. I got totally real proofs and "case closed" asap and spoofers still playing.

  • CliffMCliffM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Looking forward to the new servers and the anti-cheat enhancements. I hope you are able to get a step ahead of the cheaters and spoofers. They really detract from an otherwise excellent game.

  • The issue is [email protected]#*y people who cheat, not Niantic for not being able to keep up. They obviously don't want cheaters effing up the game and they are obviously trying their best to police it. It sucks that some people suck, but this is a problem in every game. the solution is to realize the game will never be completely rid of cheaters, carry on, and have fun in spite of it. There are plenty of really good things in this game you can spend your time on than worrying about the lowest common denominators.

  • Probably never just because the mouse always finds a way around the mouse trap but it has gotten better over the years I have been playing.

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    Spoofing and multi-accounting have exploded in my area, and not a thing has been done about it. Pretty sure bots are still rampant, despite the mass ban.

    In any case, you can submit all the proof in the world, show that someone moved eight miles in two minutes, and still get ~inVesTiGatiOn cLoSeD~. I think the worst someone got around here, despite their multiple accounts, is a three day comm ban for general buffoonery. It's a joke. I'm with @iBotPeaches , it's incredibly stupid we have to go above and beyond the standard reporting form in order to actually get something done. If there's good proof, an actual, *real* investigation shouldn't take long.

    And to @StallionMang's point, I will agree that this is a problem in most games, but it's difficult to carry on and have fun in spite of it. When you're at a disadvantage from the start just because you play the game fairly, you don't really have the drive to keep on going.

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    Now a days NO!!!!!,

  • It seems to me that the key to getting rid of spoofers isn't to ban them (although that certainly is a bare minimum response), but to quickly and accurately reverse the actions they have taken and/or enabled. At this point it takes about a week for NIA to process banning, restoration of spoofed portals, and restoration of (some!) links, but that clearly is a very manual and labour-intensive process. What's more, it seems that the NIAOps account is effectively just an authorised spoofer: they can't do things that an ordinary spoofer couldn't do (e.g. restore links to a portal which has fewer than 8 resonators, even if there was previously a link to that portal which was spoofed down). So for now, the problem is not so much that they refuse to act against spoofers - they do, eventually, and their response has improved from restoring only the portal, to restoring the portal and some links... but for now the spoofer still gets a good return on investment, because it takes so long to get their actions reversed, and their actions can only partially be reversed.

    If we get to the point where the community (such as cross-faction anti-spoofing groups including POCs) can report a spoofer, and NIA can in a matter of hours confirm the spoofer, ban them, and reverse *all* actions (i.e. every portal and link restored), it will no longer be worth the effort of creating and levelling up spoofing accounts.

    We're all frustrated that people whom we know are involved in spoofing get to keep their main accounts, but I understand why NIA are hesitant to accept only the word of the community that the main account belongs to the same person as a spoofer account.

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