[Suggestion] New Portal Nomination Upload Function

After trying the portal nomination of Ingress Prime, I have some suggestions for this function:

  1. Use background uploading. Reason: agents may suffer bad networks under which uploading photos could be difficult and take much time, but the network is still good enough to perform operations in ingress at some places. Background uploading makes it easy for agents to keep the nomination and continue playing ingress.
  2. Show a uploading progress list for nomination and further editing submissions, where the uploading request can be cancelled but should not be able to edit. Reason: since the background uplading may get some submission stucked in the background (from the experience of using scanner [redacted]), I suggest a uploading progress list to should the uploading status for each submission, so that agent can easilly know the uploading progresses.

Of course I have noticed that agents can now using existing photos to make a nomination from some distance away, which could partially alleviate this problem. But I believe background uploading with uploading progress list could make the nomination and editing easier for agents.



  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Triomphe346 Works good in REDACTED and we can play when we send in portal suggestions in backround. I hope Niantic fix it soon in Prime for nominations.

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