Ingress Insights: Lighting Dynamics



  • LadyXaraLadyXara ✭✭✭

    I agree with the brightness thing, still!! Try seeing a single green field and wondering if the portal you're now at is under it or not!

  • Lighting Dynamics does not work property.

  • I have to use my phone "inverse color" to use prime when outside walking around... It helps, but would rather it be something in the app that helps!

  • I'm not exactly sure on what was requested in the feature but from my experience, the thing I really can't see are the portals, resonators and XM and not the map.

    I hope we can have an option (if it is preferred) to make the game elements (portal, resonator, XM) stand out of the field and map background so they're easier to distinguish as they were in redacted.

    The feel of the elements when the slider is way down is a good start.

    Also as what was earlier commented, it would be helpful to be able to see neutral portals better. They're so small/thin that I barely notice that I there's a portal there especially if it's inside a field or beside a lot of captured portals.

  • The lighting dynamics slider does nothing to help poor contrast colors in the UI design.

    For example:

    1- I can't see the xm bar most of the time. There's just no way to see dark purple on black

    2- When I want to recycle something, I frequently don't see the popup "Do you want to recycle this item? Yes/No" and keep tapping the recycle button to make it do something. Aside from the white text, the box and buttons are practically invisible, and does not show up in my peripheral vision..

    3- When scrolling through key inventory, I frequently cannot read the white text because behind it is part of a white picture. You have zero control over what's in the picture, so the contrast is always impossible (i.e. white on white) given some picture somewhere. Ditto for the XM bars; I can't always see the green dots over the top of the bars because of the picture.

    4- the already covered map/xm contrast and portal tiny size / overly bright are fundamentally contrast problems, not brightness problems.

    There's more contrast problems, of course, but these are the major pain points.

  • White background would help some of us! I can't "see" the difference in the color setting!

  • Are you going to fix the bugs in Prime before it becomes mandatory? That would be a BIG help. I'm talking about being able to deploy, link, and recharge. This happens to me all the time.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Best you report this in game.

    These features are working for most

    Be sure to state your mobile make and model, and OS version

  • When this was announced, I had high hopes that it might improve my outdoor playing experience with Prime, which was really very frustrating, especially between (solar) 10am and 2pm, but really any time it is sunny. Alas, no such luck - reflections of the sky, my shirt, my face all still obliterate the screen with the new brightness turned all the way up. The new UI in Prime is very beautiful. It has better affordances. But it's completely INVISIBLE under better than 50% of the outdoor conditions I normally face. Please, please, make the CONTRAST more adjustable - and set up some way to switch the color palette from purple (poor response for human eyes) to green or yellow. If I can't see the UI, it makes it really hard to play!!!

  • Why not make a parity suggestion such as make neutral portals bigger like in redacted and not so similar to XM sitting on the ground.

  • I will say I do like how the new explosion looks. It Orange ish red like in Redacted and you can actually see what's going on instead of this big blue seizure inducing blob on the screen.

  • After nearly a year of testing, I e concluded that lighting dynamic either does nothing, or is cancelled out by the phones own lighting dynamic.

    So far the only way to see prime in full sunlight AT ALL is to set brightness of my phone so high that my phone notifies me "using brightness in high mode increases battery drain." That does not paint well with prime's higher battery usage.

    We need real in-game contrast. Less purple-on purple. Less gray on black. More white on black. Less dark blue, more light blue. Less dark green, more light green. Less dark purple XM, more XM any color that can actually be seen.

  • This would satisfy my artist brain greatly! And would allow for easier accessibility. Personally, I’m all for this change!

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