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Ingress is the best!



  • Which version is the best? Redacted or Prime?

  • Easy... redacted. Color contrast is awful in full sunlight.

  • rouzrouz ✭✭

    East or West, home is best.

  • Redacted!

  • Redacted of course!

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Redacted. Prime is too blue ;D

  • I like some features of Prime, and I agree that Ingress needed a redesign, but I don't like how the profile is displayed on the top left with very small bars for AP and XM and how the UI is uncomfortable to see in sunlight, compared to Redacted where the XM bar was very easy to see and the UI elements are lighter than the background.

    I don't know if you guys remember that old leak but I would really LOVE Prime with that UI on the top: https dot dot slash slash

  • MajeyeMajeye ✭✭✭

    Prime is best, in my opinion!

    So many things are streamlined in Prime that when I now go back to redacted, I can't remember what to do, always having to flip between multiple screens to do what I do in a single screen of Prime.

    Glyphing is easier.

    Bursting is easier.

    Recycling items/keys is WAY easier.

    Filling up the XM bar while bursting is WAY easier.

    Yes, the scanner in Prime is fairly difficult to see in full sunlight, it's also easier to see the roadmap in Prime over Redacted as well.

    Keep up the fantastic work, Niantic! Can't wait to see what more you bring to Prime, especially now that Redacted is on the chopping block!


    -Minnesota Resistance Agent Majeye

  • Re: contrast, viewability, UI changes, etc. the team is working on something right now that I think is looking really good. Excited for you all to see it in the future and provide feedback.

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