Can't create new post "Portal Appeal" as "Ask Question".

Though title seems to be enough to describe this problem...

I tried to create new portal appeal regarding some portal as "Ask a Question" and it resulted in fail with error message shown above.

AFAIK, no such error was happened a few months ago. I also tried same thing at "ポータルアピール” category in "Japanese" group and no errors given, see next picture above. But I do want to post in English because response of portal appeal is pretty slower in Japan :(

Are there any additional requirement for agent to post question in English category ?


  • Yes, also its impossible to post photos without posting links, which is disabled for most people anyway, so its impossible to create a portal appeal.

  • AlexCrowRESAlexCrowRES ✭✭✭✭

    @Bohei I could post a discussion with picture and URLs. Seems no limitations so far.

    It seems that you are still "level 1 user" and have no right to create post which contains URL and picture embedded...

  • Yes, but why is this not done via the level of an agent? Such a bad solution.

  • AlexCrowRESAlexCrowRES ✭✭✭✭

    @Bohei To protect from SPAMMERS and bad behaviours. This has already been known.

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