Let's Play - Auroras puzzle challenge

Agent @SachielOne posted to Essex today that a new media drop in the scanner leads us to a website (https://www.januslaboratorium.com/707572706c65) full of what seems to be Auroras games! 

Agents are working hard in investigations to figure it out all the puzzles that Aurora has set up, full of Nemesis Runes. Some passcodes have been found in the process! It is noted that while you can access the website on your phone, it is better presented on a PC. Is Aurora trying to distract us from the glyph challenge designed to stop them? Or is there information in these puzzles that can help us defeat all of Nemesis? We wont know until we figure these out!



  • The website is not working... In other hand what is "Essex"?

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭

    Dammit, the forum thinks the ")" is part of the URL. Correct one is https://www.januslaboratorium.com/707572706c65

    Operation: Essex is a group of agents investigating the story. It was originally created by Dr. Edgar Allen Wright and now has over 500 members in it's TG chat.

  • The runes translate to A B C D E F G I J K L M (H is missing)

    Clicking one of the runes brings up another page that translates to "GUEST AREA" with a password prompt

    I haven't been able to get further than this with my limited resources and time

  • Dirtyjoe619Dirtyjoe619 ✭✭✭
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    I have also noticed that is says begin wherever you "may". The 5th glyph that looks like a plus will take you to the may URL.

    No matter what however you get the glyph sequence for "guest area" but as you said that is not the password.

  • SenocSenoc ✭✭
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    Well the password of "May" is telling you on the homepage, hover on the 5th nemesis glyph and it I'll tell you the key (a very short time of course), but I don't have any clue after solving this.

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    What do the three kanji stand for when hovering over the 1st, 2nd, and 4th icons? There is also a reference to murder under May and July.

  • Well, I found this site yesterday, and here's password for the icons

    At first, we have to access to E.

    Then you can access to A - (harmony for a Chinese character). Password is 'January', the top of a year

    Third one is B. You can see a picture when you keep your mouse clicked. That's a picture of French territory, so the answer is Février, February in French

    That's all I've found out, and here are the meanings for those Chinese characters

    A - Harmony, B - Like, or love, D - Rabbit

  • Ah one more. That glyph was on the lower left in every codes.

    Those are the number glyphs, 1 from the top. I tested through entering passcodes.

  • the first symbol password is January. The passcode there is eth68success239py. don't bother, it's FR. The fifth symbol password is May. The passcode there is sgt94puzzle759mj. Also don't bother, FR. After struggling through 2 of them with no reward, i'm highly unmotivated to try any more.

  • sorry for that, yesterday was available, but only under lv7 items

  • Février is erh35stay932bg, also FR

  • not your bad =) ... i was thinking it would be nice if they used google/facebook login to give individual users unique passcodes for figuring out puzzles.

  • The 'Chinese' characters are actually the Japanese months. From Wiki:

    January: Mutsuki (睦月, "Month of Love," alternatively "Month of Affection")

    February: Kisaragi (如月) or Kinusaragi (衣更着, "Changing Clothes")

    April: Uzuki (卯月, "u-no-hana month"). The u-no-hana (卯の花) is a flower, of the genus Deutzia - which is the flower you see when clicking the rune.

  • Other bits of info I've gleamed:

    The number sequence in the url is "707572706c65" - which is hexadeximal ascii - it reads : "purple"

    The number sequence in the page title is also hexadeximal ascii "6a616e7573" is "janus"

    Passwords are case-sensitive.

    The doors may seem obscure.
    Reach out,
    is what makes it fun.
    stick to
    We are teleported to other worlds as she hallucinates.
    The keys are often missing.
    The doors are sometimes in hiding.
    This is one small treat, now that you are here,
    If you want more, start at the top of a year.

    I've also decoded all the glyphs, including punctuation. But I can't add links here yet - it's on Reddit.

  • The painting on the center square is a snippet of the murder of Julius Caesar on the ides of march. No link when you click on it.

    The "March" link is the one with the rune for C and has Polka dots when you hover over it and the url it points at is https://www.januslaboratorium.com/003.

    Polka music originated in Bohemia, but none of the Bohemian languages for March work to get in to the puzzle. Latin (working off of the ides of march painting) also does not work.

    So far all of the passwords have been months so I am reasonably confident that some version of the month March will log us in

  • Janus is the 2 faced Roman god of doors

    The numbers from January, when google searched, yield the french flag

  • Oh and the snipping of a painting in the center square is from a drawing of the murder of Julius Caesar. (killed on the Ides of March, March 15)

    However using Latin, or Italian for March did not get me in.

    The image when hovering over the "March" (C) rune is polka dots. Polka dots were named for polka music and dance, which started in Bohemia, but none of the Bohemian Languages for March work as the password either.

  • Polka dots are dots of a uniform size, these are not uniform.

    White dots on a red background are a common theme for the artist Yayoi Kusama - she is Japanese. Combined with the Japanese characters on the other squares I looked up the traditional Japanese name for March, and it is 弥生, "New Life" - which is pronounced "Yayoi" (same as the artists name) and is the password for the March square.

    The passcode within is ntb65potential772ab ... and is FR ~(;_;)~

  • The rest of the text on Yayoi (March):

    Yet, now,
    my world
    is nullified
    and eventually imagination.
    it blooms not during the time it names.
  • Seems like April will be something to do with the flower.

    Unohana (卯の花) is a flower, of the genus Deutzia. Deutzia is named after the Dutch patron of botany. Dutch for March is "Grasmaand" - but that doesn't work.

    This actual flower is Deutzia Crenata, and flowers from May to July - which links to the hint in the previous month stating "it blooms not during the time it names". The month of April in Japanese can be any of : 四月, 卯月, Shigatsu, Uzuki, Unohana, うのはな, しがつ, うずき. None of these work. 🤔

  • TheoremOfMapiTheoremOfMapi ✭✭
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    Man, the answer was Deutziacrenata

    The Deutzia crenata blossoms in May,
    the young ones
    under the witness of
    guo23secrets882sg  -- FR
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  • the key code looks to be guo23secrets882sg but again FR... :(

    dies lampardarum - the day of torches - Summer Solstice - June 24th

    the text block after dies lampardarum looks to be a caesar cipher but I can't find any alphabet shift to decode it.

    The Goddess could reference Juno, the goddess that June derives it's name from.

  • Got'em. last number was the hint.

    That requires the summer solstice time for 2019, and the answer was 06211554

    The pattern has become evident.
    to stir things up
    jvd74code673vp  -- FR
  • We appear to need more months... I am trying to piece together the jigsaw puzzle and noticed fragments of keycodes on some of the pieces but are incomplete. I have tried to brute force by following the patterns of urls to get to July, and https://www.januslaboratorium.com/07 https://www.januslaboratorium.com/007 and https://www.januslaboratorium.com/july all direct to 404 pages.

  • pedorinpedorin
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    From en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sextils : "Julius (July) was renamed from Quintilis ("fifth" month)"...

    Page for July: www.januslaboratorium.com/quintilis

  • 45BC is the year that the Julian calendar came into effect. June is written "Iunius" on this calendar. But with Deutziacrenata (I face-palmed that one) and 06211554 the month pattern is broken. Something I expected due to February's note of "Variation is what makes it fun."

    I'm guessing we will have a specific url to go to.

    I've tried:


    Upper and lower cases - (the hex numbers are Ascii codes). I'm guessing it'll be lowercase due to the lowercase 'c' in the original url and all the months.

    Oh. Then I just realised we're after July, and not June.

    July is 'Quintilis' in the Julian calendar, and /quintilis is the url (more face-palming) - Julian is the password.

  • Passcode for "quintilis": mos29aura974qw - FR

  • Next url for 8th month is: /eight

  • WexionWexion
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    Here's the text from that page:

    the door was unlocked.
    Do you
    Our times
    g?  -- crossed out
    mos29aura974qw  -- FR

    With this image we get another chunk of the passcode on the image (??b25recursion759zv) - with only two letters remaining on the code it's possible to iterate through all of the possibilities... but I'm going to guess it's already FR so someone else can put in that effort.

    There's a link on that page to /eight

  • The image on the link to /eight is the Kodak logo.

    Kodak's full name is The Eastman Kodak Company - none of that seems to be the password. Not sure how Kodak relates to August.

    Kodak Fortress in the Ukraine was attacked in August 1635 - not sure if that helps any.

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