Aurora - video proof that you can retry a failed Glyph Hack and get a point in the second attempt

DrThodDrThod ✭✭✭

A repost from reddit:

Sometimes you have to love Reddit. I corrected the false assumption of someone (yes I know - Niantic told you so) that you can''t retry a failed Glyph Hack during Aurora - only to get my comment down voted.

So whoever doesn't trust me (and from other comments it seems there are many more) - I generated a video for you:

Pretty simple: I go to a new portal. My Aurora stat is 202. I add a R6 and do a Glyph Hack on level 1. I deliberately fail that check as it asks for 'Complex' while I answer with 'Truth'. Actually I decided on Truth before I did this - that I got Complex is a nice bonus. My stat is still - as expected - 202.

I then add a Heat Sink and do a second (this time successful) Glyph Hack. My stat now shows 203 - so I did get a point for my second hack despite the first being wrong.

I did not clean the video up. So you will have to endure a low power warning and me figuring out too late that I need to recycle some gear. I could have done a nicer one - Just adds to the authenticity ;)

I don't claim I discovered this - there were others before me posting it already. But it seemed a video was needed to convince some readers here.

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