Aurora progress after 36 hours - the spreadsheet is still wrong

DrThodDrThod ✭✭✭

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Using Myriad numbers for a prediction I get either 12.7 or 16.3 million as likely overall achievement after the event.

Why 2 numbers? Because you get a different value for the progress over the last 12 hours - depending if you trust points gained (higher value) or points needed (lower value).

The higher numbers are what I want to believe, the lower numbers are what more closely follows the progress in Myriad. Both are in the realms of possibility and I haven't spotted a simple spreadsheet error that could explain how one set of numbers erroneously got created from the other.

So until we hear back from Niantic we won't know. I flagged this already yesterday after the 24 hour values got announced but it seems it didn't get any attention.

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