Guardian Medal

Should Niantic bring back Guardian Medal?



  • @Zenn, is it griefing when you take out a farm while it's being hacked? Block a field while it's being built? Because these are the only other gameplay interactions that satisfy those urges for these people... "Oh, you thought you were going to do ____, well, no, we're not going to let that happen." The denial of a medal was a much slower and calculated version. It played on the weaknesses of the medal, and the game mechanics themselves. I think it was brilliant, and I'm sad that they had to go and remove capture dates from intel, just to avoid hurt feelings... because that awful decision led to so much illicit data. That two-pronged attack of "hurt feelings" and then, consequently, "scrapers: bad" killed off what was a decent outlet for slow-paced PvP.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think it should be brought back. It was a helpful gold for agents in more rural areas. A lot of cheaters were happy when it went away because it meant no one else could get it anymore.

  • No, but I have great memories regarding this badge. My first captured portal became my guardian portal without my knowledge. I stopped playing after a week maybe after starting, but enl kept it alive for some reason. After I started again came to know about guardian portal from local folks and got onyx badge after 10days without any problem.

  • spinyukspinyuk ✭✭✭

    no, it just caused too much drama.

  • Guardian medal is gone. That's a fact.

    Maybe Niantic can works to create another better medal, with less way to spoof

  • I was in favour of it. If Niantic restricted comms in some way that hid the fact portals were captured at a certain day, that would work.

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