Feature request: Events/Scoring widget

Does anyone still use the MU Cycle widget in Scanner [Redacted]?

I personally don't, since the information provided by it is not sufficient for my playstyle. However, I think there is potential in having a widget to provide some information about ingame events and local cellscores.

So far, a homescreen widget, in any form, isn't part of Ingress Prime. Since the old widget is obsolete in most cases, I don't think it is necessary for full feature parity in its current form. But I think it would be useful to have something similar in future versions of Ingress Prime.

Here are some ideas of information such a widget could include, in no particular order:

- Graphical local MU scoring (piechart? Column?)

- Upcoming ingame events with timer (Challenges, Anomalies, IFS, Mission Days)

- Live Scoring Update of ongoing events (Hack Challenge progress, anomalie scores)

- Personal Agent information (Portals owned, MU controlled, current hacking streak, basically the "now" tab of ones agent profile)

These are some ideas that I personally would find useful. If someone else has additional ideas, I'd like to read them. I'm interested in what other agents and Niantic think about a potential widget for Prime.


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭

    I use it daily just for fun.. i hope prime will get a widget.

  • Is a must have.

  • Same as @mortuus, I use it daily. Especially because it's easy to launch REDACTED quickly.

    Hope that a similar widget will be in one of the future Prime update...

  • I need a prime widget asap. They're so easy to create, surely they must not have forgotten about it.

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