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    Agreed, however some people were playing at the time and because they didn't already have five key lockers at the time (bought the five keylogger bundle on top of the extra anniversary key locker - I forget which way it was) then they couldn't get a 6th on top of it. You would buy up to 5 and then the option for more would disappear before you could get to the 6th.

    At this point that minority of people I doubt can be made whole... But for the love of God if they would just offer more I would pay $20 each.

  • What if, instead of selling lockers and capsules, and weapons or resonators or mods, you guys made a home base feature available for storage items and just charged $5 a month rent on it so if you want unlimited storage that doesn’t count against your inventory it’s available. Then players could save whatever items they needed for whatever reasons they needed them for(anomalies or ops or whatever) without really unbalancing the game in favor of who’s willing to spend the most to buy the most of whatever.

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    I hope Niantic listen when lots of agents never buy frackers now.

  • @AvengingGinger if you want to argue that Ingress doesn't need to make money on its own because other games make a lot from updates to the portal database, you're advocating for this game's ****. Once Pokestop Submissions are everywhere and they get PoGo players in on OPR, they have no reason to keep Ingress if it's losing money. Sustainability means independently maintaining itself

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    Give us the OPTION to subscribe in the store to Ingress for let's say, $5 - $7 a month. You don't have to subscribe if you don't want to. Guaranteed monthly income is a great thing and it'll help alleviate some of the costs of developing Ingress.

    Give the players who subscribe a special symbol and some sort of reward (that is not over powered in the slightest) for doing so. I would gladly subscribe and I know other agents would too.

    Ingress is almost a lifestyle and we want to see the game flourish and support good development.


    Add the 6th key locker


    Add a media locker

    But this Fracker price hike is kinda ridiculous, atleast give us better output if the price has to be this much higher

  • Thanks for being a Trooper and reading all the feedback, negative and positive. Communication is key, ingress is a communication based experience. We appreciate it :)

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    I find it weird all years frackers same prices and suddenly they doubled in price that to me makes no sense really..

  • Ingress needs to evolve and that requires resources.

    Ingress was nearly stale for the last couple of years.

  • @mortuus I just joined Niantic to lead the Ingress team as its producer last month. But before that, I was previously on the Niantic [email protected] team that originally launched Ingress, from 2012–2015.

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    wake up. Since when does Niantic listen to us players?

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    @NianticBrian I would love a key fracker. It can be the same cost as a regular fracker, but it needs to be silent. Basically, it would operate like a normal fracker, but would be silent (not reporting in COMM), and only double keys. So many times I want to use frackers for remote portals, but I don't want to broadcast that I am farming keys.

    I also think that it would be cool to have some sort of process for requesting custom beacons.

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    That's no different than having a bunch of backpacks accounts except you can't drop gear but anywhere at home. This would so easily exploitable...

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Don't forget all the times when they had the anomaly packs of frackers... I still have some from Obsidian.

    I wonder if this combined with the current horrible glyph challenge will bring back the rise of the 100+ portal tap hack farms and the fun they brought?

  • ZennZenn ✭✭✭✭

    People are backpacking regardless... at least this way Niantic gets paid. Its something to do when you get back home... and its something you cant leverage when you are out. I like this and i would pay for it.

  • (Can't quote @CliffM above due to not being allowed "to post links").

    Great idea!! Just today I was out at a remote portal with the sole purpose of farming keys. I would prefer tripple keys, no gear. 😇 I only wanted the keys, after all, not the endless Level 5 gear.

    The recent price increase, with no improvement, has left me quite dishearted. After hundreds of previous frackers, I will be more selective with rewarding this increase.

    Many good ideas in this thread to earn revenue and offer something for that received revenue.

  • Why are my comments posting blank. How do I walk !!

  • How about a subscription model where for a monthly fee you get additional inventory space. It could be tiered also eg for $2 per month you get and extra 100 inventory space, for $5 per month you get an extra 200 inventory space, for $10 a month you get 500. I'd pay for that and I know plenty of others who would too. None of this selling gear packs and stuff, just a simple and elegant solution to drive some revenue without affecting game mechanics.

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    @NianticBrian As mentioned numerous times, and in AMAs there are lots of options for players to buy stuff with the in-app store, however, with Redacted still around those options are not feasible.

    Doubling CM cost isn't good, and just limits what players will tend to spend.

    Please consider returning prices back to what they were, add more options once redacted is gone.

    An example would be "Anomaly Lockers" as one person requested in an AMA, a locker that prevents unloading stuff, for a period of 1 week. Such that players loading up for Anomaly, can do so, and important stuff left in those Anomaly Lockers. After 1 week, those lockers will disappear, and the items in tem put into the players main inventory auto-magically

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    If a knew that, I would had bought all capsules before getting the 6th. I had 3 or 4 at the time.

    I believe it's not fair.

  • I don't know your history with Niantic and Ingress, but if you think that there is no issue with selling gear, you are truly out of touch with the community.

    There was not much complaining about the inclusion of high level gear in the old rare and very rare Anomaly swag packs. The gear was mostly a bonus, the packs were mostly bought for the swag. They were also limited to anomalies and you had to pick them up in person.

    Once you (Niantic) moved to virtual goods for the gear pack, there was more grunting from the community. When you started selling gear last time, there was outrage.

    The gear you sell now is basically useless for 99% of players. I guess that is why you want to sell better stuff. But it is also the reason why no one is really complaining about it.

    Selling gear would absolutely change the soul of the game. I would like to say that I'd quit if you go through with this, but I'm probably too addicted. I would however despise Niantic forever for ruining the game.

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    I tried to add a little bit of rationality into the discussion by attempting to analyse what value a fracker actually has (in CMU) compared to other items. I'm aware of pitfall and simplifications - but I hope it makes sense over all.


  • jsylvisjsylvis ✭✭✭✭

    That's an entirely different explanation than the initial "exploring sustainability".

  • Excellent thread. I feel compelled to comment that I absolutely and without hesitation hate the idea of a subscription model. I would prefer to pay once for a permanent fixture than have an ongoing cost. I think of it as owning versus leasing. I calculate final cost, not if I can afford a monthly payment.

    I'd much rather pay $20 or $25 for an extra key locker, for example, than any nominal monthly fee. (****, I'd probably pay more!)

    (And who wouldn't pay for a VR duplicating Quantum?!?! Cha-ching!)

    I would encourage selling items of value. That will drive sales and bring in cash.

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