Some basic ideas on collapsing a few categories of voting and clarifying others.

kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

Note: this is just an opinion on streamlining portal voting on a few categories. This is not endorsed by Niantic.

This is not actual guidelines for portals.

Playgrounds and exercise stations should be collapsed into single category:

Recommended vote 4-5* as long as:

  • Is not on private residential property
  • Not at a K-12 School (includes private schools and religious academies)
  • Is properly placed
  • No faces or children in the pictures
  • photo is clear and not blurry
  • Not Piecing out the equipment of a single playground or station
  • is not a duplicate

Athletic Fields and Courts:

Recommended vote 4-5* as long as:

  • Not at a K-12 School (includes private schools and religious academies)
  • is not a duplicate
  • Do not place the pin on the field or court
  • Multiple fields should be valid if you can prove they aren't a single field
  • Denoting fields A, B, C, D etc or 1, 2 3, etc should be be valid even if you don't have sign showing it is field # or letter such and such.
  • photo should be at least showing it is what it is and not blurry shouldn't be over graded on prettiness
  • Not on Private property
  • Not showing children or faces

Water Towers 1 to 5*:

  • Municipal Water Towers 1* (most of these have no trespassing signs and are fenced off.
  • Decorative Water Towers that can be safety accessed valid. Such as a Warner Bros. Iconic water tower at an amuesment park.

These are some of the basic ones I feel could be overhauled.

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