New place for Prime feedback?

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It is new place for Prime feedback or only reddit are for prime feedback?



  • Many features are very likable and prime. The link feature the ability to recharge the capsule naming the inventory control inside the capsule these things are all very likable options. however if prime would get the ability to know when I'm exceeding my XM bar when recycling items, not speed lock at 30 mph and a quick start feature this would be great!

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    Niantic close reddit page about Prime feedback soon?

  • I want to provide my feedback as user, as my own experiences, hope you take this seriously and understand how users fell it.

    1. Ingress Prime is unstable, I am not able to play in the game without being crashed, most of the time is when changing between keys.
    2. Ingress Prime wont work on mobile networks when connection is not 3G at least, I was on opperation on a remote location, I was unable to open Ingress Prime, I had wait above 10 minutes and it was just impossible. I had tried to open Scanner Redacted and it was possible. It is not fair to stop playing on remote areas just because Ingress prime is to data Hungry and it is impossible to open in 2G networks, please do not retire Scanner Redacted if Prime is not playable at 2g mobile networks, please do not downgrade our experience. Prime must be better than Scanner Redacted not worst or with less capabilties.
    3. I do like to gather with friends and farm items in portals, however is kind of slow and tired to watch on Prime all the animations once that you finish the glyph. This also affect the number of times that you can hack a portal with a fraker. So please add an option to disable the animations after hacking, leave the user to choose between animations ON/OFF please do not force us to waste our time. We want a smoth experience.
    4. Portal nominations are sweet and fast on Scanner redacted, please replicate that behaviour on Prime, on prime it is not enjoyable to submit new portals. Again please provide us with both User Interface and User eXperience improvments, please take all good UX from Scanner Redacted and implement it on Prime.
    5. Your team need to be testing the game on the field, not over a wifi network and simulated locations, it is unfair that users discover the problems when we are trying to play and make a big opperation, you should include real testing on how people is using the game, try to farm on on both Redacted and Prime and see the differences and spot which one do you like more.


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    @Minipizarrin Though your frustrations I'm sure are noted by Niantic, and you share a lot of the same issues with many of Ingress community members, Redacted support is going away due to the restructuring of the data servers. New integrations are coming for Ingress Prime and they won't/can't support Redacted.

    On a side note, I haven't seen a phone use 2G in a very long time, what type of phone/mobile device are you using? Perhaps it is time for an upgrade? Also, within Prime, you can skip the link animations by clicking on another key, or by exiting the linking process completely. I haven't had your issue with glyphing, however, as it is extremely smooth to glyph hack in Prime. (perhaps this is due to an outdated mobile device?)

    Portal nominations are smooth and fast on Prime as well as Redacted, have you tried using it properly? (also, the email you get back from using submissions in Prime looks nicer as well)

    I definitely prefer farming, hacking, glyphing, recharging, recycling all on Prime over Redacted anyday, all day long. If you'd like, I could show you some sweet tricks in Prime that might make your time in the app more enjoyable. Just let me know.

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    Well, Imo Prime is totally playable with low mobile Internet signal and the game really rarely crash on something as old as an iPhone 6. However when handeling high number of keys, switching between them can become tricky on "old" phones.

    You Can Skip hacking animations by clicking on "Ok".

    Portal sublmission takes longer but results in higher quality submits so why not ?

    Good old days of Redacted are almost over and i think the look and feel of Prime is better in a general way. There is non point for them to keep an old application running and pay to keep it up to date if there is brand new one with the same purpose. I guess Prime will be totally fixed when Redacted will shutdown forever.

  • On a side note, I haven't seen a phone use 2G in a very long time, what type of phone/mobile device are you using?

    You seem to have missed the word "remote"

    Signal strength to achieve 3G+ is more based on distance from nearest towers and other obstacles, not on buying a new phone.

  • Please alter link targeting. In Prime, after linking two portals, the targeted link will navigate to the next target portal, as measured by distance from the source portal. In practice, this causes two problems:

    1. Most often, when multi-linking, I am either trying to layer fields by linking from farthest to nearest, or at least linking portals in close proximity. Thus, after each link, rather than targeting the adjacent portal, my view may change to a portal across town, thereby creating flashing and unnecessary lag.
    2. Players can accidentally double click the link button, which can cause the agent to Castle an unwanted link to the next distant portal. This has led to multiple instances of agents casting long unwanted links, which has caused something hostility amongst same faction agents.

    Pkease consider not only changing how the next target is selected, but also adding a simple confirmation button that forces the user to move their finger and thus prevent the double tapping issue.

  • For me although the glitches like getting stuck on the enter command stage of a glyph are frustrating I’m guessing (hoping) they are being worked on, what is more concerning is the drop off in players I’m seeing due to issues with seeing the colours in prime and it even causing headaches in some users.

    I appreciate that steps have been taken to improve the visibility issues but unfortunately it seems not to be enough and it’s very sad that players are retiring their scanners due to this.

    Please continue to work on this issues!

    @NianticBrian @NianticCasey

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    Why did you bump this old post?

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