When did water mill express windmills go invalid?

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I Swore these were in candidacy rules? Two months in limbo to deny this when I get a church with nothing but a mention of rocky horror picture show in the description today makes me cringe. I submitted what I thought would qualify in a low density area and I focused on the windmill and not the business come one people are we getting to the point OPR is nothing but a bunch of perfectionists?


  • hey i remember that one, guess that's one disagreement i know of.

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    Just because it was denied doesn't mean you can't try it again.

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    I am trying to understand why though it is hit or miss with these. Is there a specific AMA or guideline to reject these other than agents seem to hardline in certain areas? Why is it niantic tells agents yea you can submit a playground at a fast food place but agents have the nerve to go against Niantic's clarification. Just like having athletic courts and fields moved to the center sorry if it sounds like a rant but I am tired of hardline agents voting nonsensically. I have even had portals denied to due the picture not being the best on a valid baseball field etc. I could grab my rejection emails and show how messed up the process is. I don't think it is worth my time sending in a second, third, fourth, or fifth submission a single object due to hardliners in my area. I am starting even feel biased when voting due to how some of my local submissions have changed in quality sadly. I don't know if it is just because I vote constantly to get upgrades. But I do get a lot of agreements averaging 100+ a day. I don't know per say is it a bias if your voting based on guidelines even if it is local and cringe worthy submissions such as a concession stand or a rock water gully to funnel rain water? I don't want to sound like a bad agent. I have almost 19000 agreements in 9 months of voting. The only thing really keeping me voting is rural areas and upgrades.

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    Under what criteria would this fit?

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    Things you need to keep in mind:

    1: Most players/reviewers likely don't read the AMA. They don't know they even happen, or do know and don't care. This is evidenced by people always asking the same questions about things.

    2: All reviewers have to go through the test, but after a few hundred/thousand reviews, anything the test tried to enforce are lost/forgotten.

    3: People become jaded and start voting on things however they want after seeing certain things too often.

    #1 thing you need to keep in mind for your own sanity is that a rejection is a chance for you to make the submission better. A better picture, a better description, a better title.

    Don't take submission rejections personally, because if you do, you're just going to make yourself extremely miserable.

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