Portals Removal Appeal

  • Category: Portal Removed Appeal
  • Title of the Portal: Hannibal Flood Record,
  • Location: 39.7122990, -91.356078
  • City: Hannibal, MO
  • Country: USA
  • Photos to support your claim

8 portals were removed in this area last week with portal sync. This is one of them. I can provide further GPS's of other portals if needed. All 8 are true and valid locations.



  • List of the 7 other locations in this same area.

    Mark Twain Statue : 39.712612, -91.355453

    Hannibal Fountain : 39.355069, -91.355069

    Glascock's Landing : 39.711947, -91354759

    Mark Twain Riverboat : 39.711488, -91.354079

    Kiwana's Park : 39.710422, -91.354390

    USS COONTZ Memorial : 39.710457, -91.353081

    Crane Memorial: 39.710345, -91.352714

  • Can anyone provide feedback on this? Is there something that I did incorrect to cause this to not be looked at? Is it because I didn't provide pictures of the locations? I'm looking to see if my city had these removed for some reason or if these were all a mistake. All 8 portals are in cells right next to one another.


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    Post in this section: https://community.ingress.com/en/categories/invalid-portal-report

    Appeals in the general Appeals category are NOT being checked

  • Sorry I thought I was in the correct one! My Bad. Thank you very much for the clarification though!

  • Ok then...what do I need to send you? The portal is completely inaccessible to the public. If you aren't a Delhaize employee, you can't get in. All four portals in the complex are the same. I even talked to security guards to ask if any way I could get in. None. Do I send you a video of standing at the gate? 

    -------- Original message

  • @Scoobystyle I think you commented on the wrong post

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We conducted another review of this location and have confirmed our decision to retire the Portal in question. 

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