Gameplay prediction: Recursion Substrat.

At the end of the Nemesis Sequence the world will be broken and Agent Simulacra will unlock access to the Recursion Substrat. It is a plane that is separate but connected to the Prime where Dark XM is trapped. Recursed Agents will notice the portals there are different... It is a gameboard populated by far fewer portals possibly including many of the portals that are 'too close" to be brought online in the Prime world. Also the neutral portals aren't so neutral, but controlled by one of three separate entities, the Techthulu, the Osiris, and the Nemesis. Recursed Agents will have to declare Alignment to one of the three when first accessing the Substrat. Agents can capture and deploy to portals controlled by the Entitiy they are aligned with, but must battle excise any neutral portal controlled by a counter Entity. Once a portal is faction aligned it no longer matters what entity initially controlled it. It is now Faction controlled but aligned with the capturing agent. The Alignment you choose gives you special abilities in the Substrat as well. Techthulu aligned agents can deploy 4 mods to any portal. Osiris aligned agents can deploy two each of level 7 and 8 resonators. Nemesis aligned agents have a 10% increase in burster range and a smaller, slower more precise firing ring.

Hacking Recursion portals outputs items the same as regular portals, but the keys are different. They are "Shadow Keys" and although they don't count towards your regular inventory you can only hold 10 per level after Recursion. In the Recursion Substrat you can not only link to portals controlled by your own faction, but to opposing faction portals owned by players of the same alignment. An Osiris Aligned Enlightened Portal can be linked to an Osiris Aligned Resistance Portal. The field will belong to the faction that controls 2 of the 3 anchor portals so be careful throwing. Fields created in the Substrat still impact the score in the Prime world. Because of the presence of the Enitites portal decay is doubled in the Substrat. Remote recharging portals is still possible too but only if the portal shares your alignment.

If a portal is neutralized by the opposing faction do you still have to fight an Entity? You have five minutes from the time a portal is neutralized to claim it before a wandering Entity possesses it.

How do you fight the entities controlling the portals? Through a combination of complex and escalating glyph battles that stun them so you can finish them off with ultrastrikes. Entities also have strengths and weaknesses. Techthulu >Nemesis> Osiris>Techthulu.

Can an agent change their alignment by recursing a second time? Yes and although they have a new alignment they keep the skills gained from the previous alignment.

What other benefits are there to sharing alignments? Portal cooldowns is shorter for agents aligned to the same entity as the owner regardless of faction. XM damage from hacking opposing faction but same aligned portals is also halved.

What is to stop all agents from choosing the same alignment? Nothing but personal preference.

How do I know alignments? Same as faction, by color. Orange for Techthulu, Yellow for Osiris, Magenta for Nemesis. Portals controlled by Entities will be those colors. Agents will have tics next to their avatars signifying their Alignment. Same for faction controlled portals.

Shards? Yes please. There can be global shard games in the Substrat that wouldn't have the **** of thousands of blocking links and portals.

What happens if the Entities escape the Recursion Substrat into the Prime World? Only the N'zeer and Shapers know.


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