2019.31 Anne Arundel County Layering

Septicycle 2019.31 Checkpoint 1

2000, 08/11/2019

Portals: 21 in Laurel, 3 in Glen Burnie, 1 in Mayo

Result: 21 layered fields

Total MU at checkpoint: 2,415,416 MU 

Field Up Time: 100 minutes

Badges earned: 2 people went from Silver -> Platinum illuminator

Taken down by: agentbrown70 (got half the resonators from the park entrance) and Webqatch (over 90 minutes past posted park closing, several portals through the park were claimed that were not externally accessible), Ryuayaa took down the spine

Agents involved: LostNForgotten, Lander051, Thirlman, Veloleraptor, Spiderwolve, EllaThePuppers, Jasonwhat, AcidPanda21, Jacqueline1225

Fun Facts:

1 agent awake 32 hours at checkpoint,

Op almost postponed due to lack of volunteers

Far too fields over top of anchors the day of the set

2 fielding mistakes resulting in lessons learned about fields not being made despite a link making a new triangle

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